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Name: Brim
Location: Slovenia - Europe
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Jan 2016


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**************** WALKING TWARDS MY NEW LIFE *******************
Brim's moto: "Cus I'm just awesome like that!"
My name's Brim

I'm 22 years old, live in Slovenia and i am educating myself at the moment. My goal in life is to become an geoengineer and possibly save the world and its inhabitants from certain doom =) In future i am also planning to enstablish a one-class witchcraft school and grow forests and a little orchard. I'm a new age hippie and right now i'm studying environmentalism as a profession. I also want to be a Botanist and if things lead to it, a place in the government so i can pull strings on people and limit their pollution to a minimum. You might consider me a little dramatic but people aren't dramatic enough about the state of the Earth these days... Anyways...any flirts and requests for cyber sex are gonna be ignored and will put you on my black list ROFL I am currently single but not looking cus i already found a special someone someone to make their life miserable tee hee I have been practicing magick and witchcraft for 4 years now and gained a lot of experiance. I'm pisces...sweet, loving, sensitive, compassionative and all that pisces is about. If you read something about pisces it's highly possible that's what i'm like... My deities are Aphrodite and Ares, and with their help i am able to perform beautiful as well as not so pretty magick. I've done a great deal of studies on magick and developed my own kinda magick and my own ways of performing it. I am neither on the dark nor the light side i'm in between lol...i may appear an angel but i do kick though never without a reason so don't try anything funny !!! One of my bigger interests is also herbalism and herbal magick, and as a side profession i am also considering botanist. I make a lot of oils and powders, but am also a good candlemaker and craftsman. I have a wand that i'm very proud of. I made it myself completely and i named it "Lareent Obeo". He has a soul and he helps me at my magickal workings every time. I made him look like a short sword and he was made in honor of my god Ares. I'm not gonna lie and i might sound like a bastard...i absolutely HATE mail...well, personal mail that is...i perfer the chat so if we meet there, we meet there...please don't message me on the mail system for private contact unless it's absolutely necesary! But if you have a question about the site or magick, then it's my pleasure to help you. I can offer help, but there is no way i can be your's just not my thing. But if you need help, i am glad i can help. I wont help with curses, death spells, and MOST DEFFIENTLY not any transfigurng spells! I know i know...i'm a complicated person...but that's just how i roll. And i know what you're thinking...i DID NOT ESCAPE! ...they gave me a day pass ok? I'm on my best bahaviour i promise!! Mail me if you think you got the right question LOL Blessed be! Brim


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