Anthropomorphic Pokemon

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Symbol for Type
  • Water/100% natural drink
  • Calm and collected
  • Remain completely normal
  • Belief in God (aka Arceus)
  • Good art skill -OPTIONAL-
  • Printer (Replacement 4 art skill)
  • Pokeball u can open (fake or real)
  • Bowl or cup

A simple spell ^^ It does not transform you, unlike you may think. It triggers pokemon features to grow, but only halfway.

Casting Instructions for 'Anthropomorphic Pokemon'

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1. Pour the drink into the bowl/cup along with the physical symbol for the type. (For Fire, DO NOT use actual fire, just draw a picture of fire or something, and for Water, you don't need to put anything in. ^^) Hold the bowl/cup and say, "By drinking this, I will become an anthro Pokemon!" and drink half of the drink, then put the other half away or give it to a friend if you are doing it with a friend who's becoming the same Pokemon, but save some if you're doing that.
2. Draw a picture of your Pokemon. Every detail must be put on. If your art skills are awful, print out a picture of it. Write "Oh, Arceus, please give me a new appearance- allow me to be an anthropomorphic Pokemon. Please make my ability *put the ability here* and my moveset to be *put the moveset here* and please make my level *put level here*. Assuming you are our Lord God, I will bestow my full love and I will follow your every command my whole life and never let go. This is my only wish. Thank you in advance." and after you're finished, fold it up and put it in the Pokeball, of which you can put near where you sleep so Arceus will find it.


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