Call a Storm

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This spell can summon a very powerful rainstorm. Be careful though, as it may make you sick or even pass out if you are inexperienced.

Casting Instructions for 'Call a Storm'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
Speak these words. (Put power behind them, especially So Mote it Be)

''Oh Mother Earth please come to me
Make it rain down like the summer seas
Oh Mother Earth please come to me
in my time of need,
This is my will,
So Mote It Be.''

Again: Please be careful when using this spell. I have been using it for about 3 years now, and even then I can get sick or feel very nauseous after performing it. It usually causes near torrential rains, so be careful, as it may cause flooding.


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is it prunonced mot or mOte

Aug 12, 2019
mOte. It's pronounced this way in most of the spells that people use.

This spell is dangerous I just used a couple of minutes ago and I am already feeling sick This is 2nd time using the spell and it’s working

Jan 22, 2020
Do not use if you fall out easily

Oct 05, 2020
It sounds to me you did not charge the energy correctly the first time. When you feel nauseous after casting, this usually indicates you drained your body of its energy, and did not tap into the energy around us. I am glad your second casting went better.

Oct 19, 2021
Tadashi, I wish I was as wise as you.

Oct 19, 2021
You can be. I simply have a lot of experience and practice under my belt. I have seen you around the site, you seem to be on your way to that goal.

Ok i have used this spell yesterday and said the Words about 5 times in different tones. Later that day (about i think 1 or 2 hours after that) i got a light headache wich disappeared shortly after. That happened another time and then nothing else happened. Today there was actually quite a decent amount of rain. My conclusion is that the spell only worked 1 or 2 time out of the 5. In my area there also has been some rains recently, wich could also have helped. I might redo this spell in the Spring when there is less natural rain for more accurate results.

This spell works quite effectively. I didn't even speak the incantation, I just made a psi ball, split it into two hand-sized balls, and then focused my energy on the air and memories I have of storms. I then released the psi balls and nothing happened, except I got a very bad headache. I just went about as normal for a bit. About 3 hours later I was walking my dog and there was a massive front of storm clouds. 20 minutes after that, there was a light pitter-patter of rain. And it went against the weather forecast, which I had kind of as a double-check. If this spell can cause a drizzle with just a mental incantation, I shudder to think how powerful it'd be to speak it out loud over a long period of time (I only took about a minute to cast the spell and focus energy).

May 10, 2020
However, the rain only lasted about 10 minutes.

May 10, 2020
(as any significant kind of rain. It came back in force about 3 hours later but was drizzling for the rest of the day)

i did this and it made a large storm i did feel a little tired and cause 4 feet flooding

May 19, 2022
Oof, I've been there.

ima try it

How do I know if i did it right? Im only a baby witch and i recently got back into practicing

Oct 12, 2022
Weather magick is more advanced simply because the energy can be tricky. First, check the weather report to see if a storm is expected in your area over the next 24-48 hours [that way it rules out if you did it or the weather was inevitable] When you cast, you should feel the energy growing inside you. You should find a rhythm and become stronger until you hit a point where you release it [I stomp my feet or clap my hands, but it could be saying ''so mote it be'' or falling down or even taking a big exhale] As you're casting, you should feel the air change, clouds roll in, and things feel as if a storm will happen soon. After the spell, you might feel either really hyper, tired, or loopy [like after you've spun in a circle for several minutes] if that's the case, even if the spell doesn't work, you did cast something and your energy is out of wack. You should ground [eating some fruit or bread is usually enough, but there are grounding exercises you can do as well] Lastly, I recommend recording everything before and after casting so you can compare results even if the spell fails. Good luck to you.

how many times do i have to chant it or do i even have to chant it?

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