Color Correspondences

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A meaning of all the colors.

Casting Instructions for 'Color Correspondences'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:


Red: Strength, health, vigor, lust, danger

Orange: Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness

Yellow: Knowledge, learning, concentration, persuasion, charm, confidence, jealousy, joy, comfort

Green: Finances, fertility, luck, success energy, charity, growth rejuvenation, ambition, counteract greed and jealousy, plant kingdom, herbal healing

Blue: Tranquility, understanding, patience, health, truth, devotion, sincerity, honor, loyalty, peace, wisdom, protection during sleep, astral projection

Violet/Purple: Power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality, tension, sadness amplification of other energies, wisdom, high ideals, spiritual protection and healing, psychic ability, protective energy

Black: Negation without reflecting, unlocking when stuck, banishing evil or negativity

White: Purity, consecration, meditation, divination, exorcism, the full moon, healing, peace, spiritual strength

Grey: Balance and neutrality, used in erasing, canceling, neutralizing, return to the universe without repercussion, destructive energies

Pink: Healing, famial or emotional love, friendship, affections, unselfish emotions, spiritual healing, banishing hatred

Brown: The Earth, grounding, trees, concentation, telepathy, spells to locate lost objects, protection of family; pets; and animals

Silver: Purity, the moon, treasure, values, female energy, the unconscious mind

Gold: The sun, male energy, wealth, financial wisdom, conscious mind, attracting happiness, activity, intelligence


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You forgot to mention Yellow>happiness and joy of life Brown>comfortable, social energy Purple>the literal colour of magic and hierarchy of the empire.

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