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Warning: this spell is dangerous and could result in very bad, chaotic outcomes. This spell is meant to alter the course of destiny. Think of time as rivers that flow and branch off leading in many different directions. Our present is flowing through as just one droplet in the rivers of time. Destiny is the most likely course the droplet will take. We could push time on a different path but in doing so, you will create ripples, with unknown effects. Therefore it is very dangerous and only powerful diviners, fortune tellers, chronokinetics, and vala can alter time safely. Please be careful

Casting Instructions for 'Time Manipulation Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Power of divination and/ or chronokinesis
  • Able to manipulate energy
  • Belief in magic
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Power of divination and/ or chronokinesis
  • Able to manipulate energy
  • Belief in magic

First you must get into a meditative position (I am not here to teach you how to meditate, any good witch should  know how to meditate) and feel time flowing around you, feel it waving around you, feel the speed of everything, feel how relative time is. Then concentrate on the past, what led you here, feel the future, unwritten and malleable. Now push your wants, and needs, feel emotions, see things that might come to pass. Let your essence become a part of the future. Then push your energy into it. It should work, it works for me but everyone's magic is different.


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Most forms of kinesis are fictional, and chronokinesis is no exception. You cannot alter the course of time with energy and willpower.

Sep 20, 2023
true, but, you can alter someone's ability to understand time. They will either feel the day is short or long, by altering their energies. Low energy- long day, High energy-short day [mostly, not always]

You cannot alter or manipulate the passage of time. You could alter how you perceive time, or have a past life regression, but time will move forward at the same rate. You cannot physically travel through time to relive an event.

Apr 04, 2024
U can make time move fast or slow it and u can make Parallel universe with magick and demons I swar u lot on this site know noting

Apr 06, 2024
Did I say anything about demons or parallel universes? No. I was commenting on this spells claims you can manipulate the flow of time on the physical plane, which you cannot do. You can only manipulate your perception of time on the physical plane. I mentioned past life regression as it is possible, but you are not physically travelling through time, you are spiritually travelling.

As for your misspelled insult toward site users, why did you join? To be part of the problem or part of the solution? This site does not have the best reputation within the online Pagan Community, as it is overflowing with decades of fluffy bunny rhetoric. The only reason I am on the site is because I promised my friend I would keep Divine Essence Coven running. Now that the comment section has been opened, I am hoping to critique all the spells and articles so people can be aware of what is and is not possible. I am not speaking about all spells or all Magik when I say this does not work. I am commenting on the effectiveness of the specific spell in question.

Since you mentioned them, Demon Magik and Parallel Universes are real and you can utilize them in your Magik. However, we live on the physical plane, which has specific rules to our plane. You cannot break them. It does not matter what form of Magik you use, you cannot break the laws of nature with Magik on the physical plane. Each plane has its own set of laws. Try breaking the laws of the Astral and you will be forcefully removed by the creatures tasks with enforcing that planes laws. Beings from other planes have the ability to break our planes laws, that is how The Fae abduct people. However, they are wiser not to, especially because a human asked them to. Humans are the lowest on the Magikal food chain, and most humans seem incapable of understanding this fact.

Apr 08, 2024
@Tadashi For what it's worth, I for one am glad you stick around regardless of the reason behind it. I always enjoy reading your thorough explanations of why spells don't work and tips to improve ones that might, as well as the bits of information about beings like the fair folk here and there. It's also fun to read those responses to absolutely ridiculous spells. If everyone who knew what they were talking about left, this site would most likely be worse off.

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