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This spell is to make you and someone else switch bodies. You will be aware that you are switching. You should go to where the other person was and be in their body, instead of just turning into the person where you are at that moment. You will also get the memories of the person you are swapping with.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Name of the person you want to swap with
  • Image of what the person looks like in your mind

Casting Instructions for 'Body Switch'

Concentrate very hard on the person you want to swap bodies with and what they look like. Then say this once out loud and then once in your head.

"Gods and Goddesses, please help me,
Id like to swap my body.
Not just any person though,
So please dont make the transition slow.
(name) is the body I want to swap,
When we switch, it might sound like a little pop.
Make sure that its done right,
And try not to cause some fright,
By swapping when we expect it.
This might hurt a little bit.
But I dont care, I just want to switch,
Even though, I know it also may itch.
Their memories I would also like,
So I can see what they dislike.
Please have it done instantly,
And make sure the switch is done efficiently.
Make sure I go where they were,
If its far, itll look like a blur.
So please help me swap my body,
With this special somebody.
Your permission is the key.
Please grant my wish, so mote it be."

After you say this, keep on concentrating very hard on the person you want to swap bodies with. Then imagine your mind entering their body and their mind entering your body. Imagine you are now where they were and they are where you were. Open your eyes. Did you swap? If not, it might take a little bit. To swap back, just do the exact same thing except when you say the name of the person you want to swap bodies with, make sure you say your name. 

Side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling like the person you are swapping with
  • Feeling as if you should be in the other person's body
  • Getting flashes of visions through the other person's eyes

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You cannot switch bodies.

Feb 02, 2020
Just you think that

Feb 03, 2020
No, it's a fact. Real magick doesn't contradict natural law. It's an energy that only effects energy to bring a natural change. This doesn't work. You could try entering ones dreams but that's about it.

Actually us Pok?mon have actually somehow managed to accidentally use a move that some how swaped 2 other Pok?mon?s bodies

Mar 23, 2019
Pok?mon are fantasy creatures, they aren't real.

Jun 08, 2019
Obviously with Pok?mon it's just fantasy. But with humans it's possible. It is possible to change bodies with another person


Jun 08, 2019
The most significant post about Body swap

Jun 08, 2019
There are some errors

Jun 09, 2019
The biggest error is that it's impossible to switch bodies with another person.

Did this work for anyone?

You cannot swap bodies.

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