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Levitate any item!

Casting Instructions for 'Levitate'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Object
  • Wand
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Object
  • Wand

First, get your wand and item you want to levitate. If you are a beginner start out with something light then work your way up. Then point at the object with your wand and say: "Levitatous!" If it does not rise start with something lighter or keep trying.


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Would a stick work as a wand? Is there a spell to make a stick a wand? Or would you have to buy wand? I'm really poor... Haha..

May 27, 2019
Well you can't levitate people/objects, but ignoring that, a wand is a stick. You can go and find a stick, or go the long way of befriending a tree, asking to take a branch, leaving an offering, form and decorate the stick into a wand, then bless it. You can also get a stick off the ground, bless it and you're done, or just buy one, or use your finger. Wanda direct energy, you can do this by pointing with your index finger so if you can't afford a wand, use your finger [i've never owned a wand and use my athame or my finger and never had a problem]

Sep 01, 2020
Yes work as a want once you charge it

Levitation is a trick of stage magic and is not possible with Real Magic.

Nov 06, 2020
Real Magic on the physical plane is limited by natural law. Humans cannot levitate, ergo a spell will not let you. You can astral project, and on other planes of existence you might be able to levitate, however, the physical has stricter rules. Levitations defies human nature, Magic cannot contradict nature, therefore, Levitation is not possible. Anyone who can is using an illusion of stage magic.

Nov 12, 2021
There is mention of a sorcerer in the Bible who could fly. And claiming that magic cannot contradict the natural order is erroneous. Pharaoh's magicians turned water into blood and rods into snakes. Nothing natural about that.

Nov 12, 2021
Those are stories with zero evidence. Just because someone wrote it in a popular book, does not mean it is real. Harry Potter is popular, but it not a documentary. It is for entertainment. The Bible is a holy book for some. While people believe the book, there is little to no evidence anything it claims is real. Magik being unable to defy nature is well documented. You know it is real because we can connect with it. We can see it does not defy nature. The story of water into wine, or the great flood are merely that. Stories. The vast majority of biblical claims are not corroborated outside of the bible. The pharaoh was viewed as a god, but again, there is no actual evidence. Stories are not facts.

I got a new wand and when I tryed it it didn't work lol waste of time 😭

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