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Cleansing ideas using the five elements in feng shui.

Casting Instructions for 'Five Element Cleansing'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • See Instructions
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • See Instructions

Within Feng Shui using the five elements to cleanse can be a very interesting method. Within this method one can both cleanse and utilize the art of placement as a cleanser itself.

The five elements and some items which can represent them for cleansing


Wooden items, bowls, spoons etc.

Natural incenses made from flowers and barks safe for burning.

The colors blue or green.



Figurines of animals or people.

Triangle or red items.


Ceramics, from tiles to earthenware.

Square, yellow or earth tone items.


Metal decoration, figures, or items.

Rocks, stones, or crystals.

Items that are round,  light pastels, or white.


Clean water, or water features.


Black and other dark colors and have a free flowing shape.

Element Combinations

Elements can be combined with few items in an area. In example this spell's feature photo, combines wood (the color blue), metal (sphere or round shapes), and earth (ceramic).

Placing these items in areas for cleansing as well as using others is a unique way of getting rid of unwanted energies.



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This requires an edit. You can use Feng Shui to effect the flow of energy in your home, but this does not explain how very well. You would need to know the exact placements. Each direction has its own energy as well as the objects. If you place a mirror by a door, you could reflect energy from entering regardless of intention. Do some research on Feng Shui before utilizing it.

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