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The purpose of this spell is to draw the divine insights of the water sprites and helpful faeries to you.

Casting Instructions for 'Twinkling Water Sprite Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A small cake
  • A bouquet of flowers
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A small cake
  • A bouquet of flowers
Cast this at sunrise the morning just before a full moon day or on a witch and wizard sabbat. Sit next to a body of water, for example, a stream, creek, river, natural pool, pond, forebay, reservoir, lake, or ocean. Draw a magic circle around the area where you are sitting, if that is your custom. Use half of the flowers to outline the magic circle. Call in the elemental powers. Invite the water sprites and other helpful faeries into your circle by saying:

''Helpful and friendly water fae
Bless me with your presence today.''

Divide the cake in half. Offer half to the water fae by crumbling it finely and putting it in the water. As you do, say:

''Friendly water fae from east, south, west, and north,
Twinkle bright and bless me, water sprites
O gentle water spirits, come forth
Please bring me magical insights.''

Put the other half of the flowers in the water, one by one. As you do so, chant:

''Twinkle bright, water sprites
Please bring me magical insights.''

Sit quietly for at least thirty minutes and commune with the water spirits all around you. Ask them questions to which you seek answers. When you have finished, thank the water sprites and faeries, and pull up your circle. Scatter the flowers used to outline your magic cirlce on the water. As you do so, say:

''Thank you, friendly water fae,
Thank you for your blessings today.''


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