Communicate with Night Spirits

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Just as it says.

Casting Instructions for 'Communicate with Night Spirits'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Thoughts
  • Voice
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Thoughts
  • Voice

Near to the midnight, find a dark and lonesome place for the most solitude. The room should have a window which can be opened, if not fully, at least partly.

Open the window.

One should prepare by sitting cross-legged on the floor, facing the north.

Clear your mind of all thoughts.

At the stroke of midnight, repeat the following invocation:

"Spirits of the night, I beseech thee,
Find favor with mine call and summons,
On the seven winds I beg thee travel,
And greet me in mine presence,
For a speaking of things that need bespoke,
From this moment hence,
Thy powers do I wish invoke,
For things that need be done".



Once this invocation has been spoken, close your eyes, clear your mind and welcome the spirits as they enter. There is no way that one may know how many may come, but remember that they should be greeted, one and each, as they enter. They may appear as apparitions, or one may only feel their presence.

When they have finished their arrivals, you may communicate with them using only the voice of your mind.


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I tried it but it did not worked

Jun 17, 2021
Maybe they declined your invitation? In spells like these, the spirit does not have to join you. If they desire, either by their own wish or because they want something (like an offering of an object you have), to join you, they will. However, this spell will not force them to come to you.

Aug 30, 2022
It didn’t work the first time i did it either or the second or the third but the fourth time in a row i did it at 12 am they flashed my life before my eyes when i went to sleep. They foretold a lot of details… albeit a lot of it was blurry or left out entirely however i still have moments every now and then when it’s like damn this was part of that crazy “dream”. Not to say you’ll have the same experience as i did in all honesty they do what they want … also sometimes they just don’t like people or they’re busy and such and won’t appear. Also as with any summoning ritual don’t forget to cast a circle … you don’t want to accidentally unleash a trickster spirit into your house or wherever you’re practicing the spell

I'm confused about why this is in the beauty spells section. As for the reality of the spell, it might help you connect with darker spirits and energies, or might help you in a seance or something like that.

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