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A spell of unknown origin. Used to communicate with an entity which calls itself Les'var. Being claims to be older than creation. Doesn't always respond.

Casting Instructions for 'Communicate with ''Les'var'''

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A few drops of your own blood
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A few drops of your own blood
As a foreword this spell is unlike most magic. It doesn't act as a true summoning would. Instead it seems to be more of an invitation to the being Les'var to communicate with you. The being can communicate in a plethora of methods. So keep your eyes and mind open...

To begin you will need to remove any protective rites, spells, tokens, etc... These seem to interfere with the communication process of Les'var. No protective wards or spells may be in place at the time of casting.

To begin you will need a small bit of your blood as an offering. A few drops will suffice. The blood must be fresh though. Not stored for any period of time... Simply allow the blood to fall to the ground or floor then commence.

Next begin to chant:
''Exaudi me Les'var antiqua
Concede mihi auditorium Interrogo vos
Quaero vestro consilio omnisciens unum
Sic fiat''

Do not attempt to any sort of protective rite or spell afterward or it will interrupt the communication. Avoid any form of protective charm or token as well. Certain natural obstructions such as iron barriers or wild roses may interfere as well. Avoid if possible


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