Basic House Protection

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Protects your home, from evil spirits.

Casting Instructions for 'Basic House Protection'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White Chalk
  • Mind
  • Voice

At each window and door draw a cross with your chalk. When you are finished walk to your room.

Chant: Tueri domum et nociva, daemones mali malis artibus. Tueor spiritu meo nomine angelos meos et protego hic vivit genus. Omnes spiritus in nomine Domini Dei protectione

Then afterwards say: I protect my house.

After a hour or so later remove the crossed you made with the chalk.

Added to on Sep 06, 2012
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we're doing it in the name of the protection spirit right ? can we do it in the name of god ?

Feb 05, 2020
you can call on anything to protect your home. a very simple one you can do is visualize a protective dome around your house and then say "dear [incert deity] please watch over and protect my home, so mote it be" I would also hang a protection symbol over the entrances to your home, and draw a little something in each room [if you're Christian and working with the Christian god, I suggest a cross hanging above or near the door, and drawing a cross on the door into each room. this would act as the protective barrier in each room and the house]

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