Danny Phantom Ghost Spell

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You become a half ghost like from the tv show danny phantom

Casting Instructions for 'Danny Phantom Ghost Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • day
  • alone
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • day
  • alone
Say 10x:
''gods and goddesses hear me plea i ask you this very day to grant me to become a half ghost like from the tv show danny phantom.i shall be able to transform to a ghost at will. To transform i shall simply say ''im going ghost''. while in ghost form i shall have gray hair and glowing green eyes with a black jumpsuit with gray boots, collar, belt, and forearm-length gloves. i shall be able to possess anyone i wish. As both human and ghost I shall have the ability of flight and invisibility and green energy blasts as well as enhanced agility and strength.I shall be able to walk through walls or any type of objects.That is my will So mote it be!''

To transform say: im going ghost
to transform back just simply think about it
~this spell should work in less than a week~


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does this work

Mar 08, 2019
No this is a fake spell, you cannot become a half ghost.

Mar 19, 2019
yes it does dont listen to that

HAHA no. That's a cartoon, you are human, and magick doesn't work that way. You cannot be half ghost [but I mean technically you are since you have a spirit] look into astral projection.

Magick can't change your species you are human and will remain that way.

I give up on some of these spell on here, I just don’t even know what to say

May 31, 2019
Some of these render me speechless too. It's kind of impressive in a rediculous sort of way.

Kids who are trying to live your dream, sorry. You can’t become a half ghost. This being said, the spell is also fake. You’re human and always will be.

Jan 04, 2020
Did you even try it?

Jan 05, 2020
It doesn't matter, anyone who has a basic understanding of real magick can tell you this doesn't work. If you're so insistent, however, try it for yourself and see.

A thousand times no. This is a show. You cannot become half ghost.

add comment......What if you could i have the book of shadows. and it has a spell that turns you half ghost.p.s the spell that ar there are real.I used one on my friend he does any thing i say.

The only thing that works about this spell is the people in the comments saying it doesn’t work

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