Become a Witch

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Become a witch.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Gemstones of your choice (link to spell if possible, but random gems are fine)
  • A candle
  • Herbs (not toxic)
  • Items corresponding to each power
  • Hair
  • Bowl half full of water (use a cauldron if you can)
  • Sugar
  • Pictures of wand, tattoo, and familiar (optional)

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Witch'

Place the bowl down and stir in the sugar, then add the herbs. Place gemstones in and around the bowl, then put the candle above it. Light it if you wish, but it will work unlighted.
Put in the hair, and the power items, then place your hands in the bowl and visualize energy flowing through your body into the bowl, gemstones, and items. Then imagine yourself using your witch powers, and riding past the moon on a broomstick, wearing the traditional witch garb (hat and cloak). Then when you're done, remove your hands and chant three times:

"Cauldron black of witches' brew
Witches and spirits, I call to you
Bring alive my only wish
Give me power to join you as a witch!"

Now stir the water with a hand. Feel the herbs, stones and items. Chant:

"Make me a witch with the power to make infinite wishes to myself and others! I will also be able to change my shape and fly, and I will have the powers of (first power) and (second power). I will also control and summon the element of (elemental power)! I will be marked as one of you with a (geometric, tribal or realistic) mark on my (place on body, touch place while saying this), bearing the image of a/n (image you want)."

Remove your hand and say the rest of the spell:

"My wand will be made of (wood type) wood, (describe wand), and when the spell takes effect I will find it, along with a familiar. My familiar will be a (describe familiar) named (familiar name), and if I grow tired of its appearance I may change it at will with its permission. It will have the power/s of (powers, no more than 5) and be my loyal pet and ally forever. And with them I will find a spell book where I may write my spells, and any spell will work for me as I will be a witch! Witches and spirits, make me like you! Give me my powers, familiar, wand and spellbook! Allow my every spell to work, no matter how simple or strange! And give me infinite wishes! This is my greatest wish, so mote it be!!!"

Repeat the first spell six times, to a total of nine. Drink the water from the bowl, but don't choke on the items inside! Then finish with one more "so mote it be" and then kneel (if you're not already kneeling) and bow. You may now bring the materials in. Every day look around for your wand, book and familiar. When you find them, you will receive your powers and wishes!

Powers for power one:

  • Super strength (black, smooth stone)
  • Catlike senses and agility (cat fur)
  • Healing with a touch (flower blossom)
  • Telekinesis (Purple string)
  • Compulsion (temporary mind control, eye charm or eye drawn on paper and cut out)

Powers for power two:

  • Superhuman endurance (feather)
  • Enhanced memory (star cut from paper)
  • Particle kinesis (sand)
  • Communicate with animals (animal hair, if using cat fur just add extra)

Elemental powers:

  • Water (nothing needed)
  • Fire (piece of candle wax or charcoal
  • Plants (piece of plant)
  • Earth (a rock)
  • Darkness (piece of black cloth)
  • Light (shiny tinfoil or something else shiny)
  • Electricity (a paper lightning bolt)
  • Ice (ice cube)

Pick one of each! Pictures of the wand, spellbook and familiar keep it from getting misinterpreted. Only you can see your familiar, and it won't need food. But if you tell someone about it, they'll see it too! Your familiar and you will communicate through telepathy.


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how to beacome.a vampire
Feb 22, 2019
You can't. They are not real. On a side note, this spell is junk.
Witches are normal people who do normal things, we just observe nature, meditate, and may cast the odd spell. You don't need a spell to become a witch, just call yourself one and start studying witchcraft.

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