Become a Demon Zombie

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This spell will turn you into a demon zombie and will also summon the great demons be careful I recommend you don't do this.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • dry poision made from the liver of a puffer fish
  • bowl of victims blood
  • victims boogers
  • a tiny bit of victims hair
  • 3 witches
  • voice
  • voodoo sorcerer
  • a graveyard
  • a box
  • sharp object
  • silver bowl
  • 1 Black Candle
  • 2 Red Candles
  • 1 Blue Candle
  • 1 Yellow Candle
  • 1 Orange Candle
  • A silent dark room
  • A Mirror

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Demon Zombie'

Method 1 summon the great demons you must be alone on this part
1. light the candles in a dark room
2. look into the mirror
3.Begin to chant the following :
- Silence make the demons come alive -
- Silence make the demons come alive -
- Silence make the demons come alive -
- Silence make the demons come alive -
- Silence make the demons come alive -
- I call upon the power of the Dark Lordis and I invite the great demons, you may enter - (Repeat this five times)
- Satanatus -
- Satanatus -
- Satanatus -
- Satanatus -
- Satanatus -
- Life of the great demons, come to us - (Repeat this five times)

Say these chants until you feel the demon's energy.
Method 2 become half demon
1. call upon a demon as a wittness of your joining chant:
- i call upon a demon to be sent up from hell, make them a wittness of this irreversable spell.
if a demon does not appear this can mean that it has not worked or the demons are not accepting your invitations or that your soul ISN'T black enough to join the demon ways. however if the demon does appear then chant to it:
i have made up my mind, i will never go back, make me a demon, turn my heart black.

2. then the demon should show its approval by nodding then use the sharp object to draw blood from your arm, put in the bowl and allow he demon to ''bless it'' then when it has finished it should dip its finger in the blood and print it upon your forehead. this symbolizes that you are now part demon it will give you a new name as well, this will be known as your demon name. depending on your status you may be able to astro-travel in and out of hell, you cannot go there with your body because you are only part demon.
method 3 becoming a zombie
Get a bowl of blood and place a booger from your victum into the bowl of blood and place the tiny bit of hair in the blood or dye and chant these words: my victums blood now thy see a zombie for all eternity next put on zombie makeup and a zombie costume just don't put on a zombie mask then have a voodoo sorcerer get the dry poision made from the liver of a puffer fish and blow it in your face this should cause you to faint.before you faint tell a witch that is helping you to take your body to a graveyard and put it in a box then bury the box by midnight the voodoo sorcerer and the three witches must do the following : 1st . unbury the box they buried and get your body out 2nd say great demons turn this person into a zombie ( the person becoming a zombie is the person that must faint and get buried) next the witches must say this chant 9 times : dead wake up ressurect attack and scare . after that the witches must say the following prayer
on earth as it is on hell
give us power every day
and show us the revenge of those who hit us
make us into temptation and teach us to love evil
after that the victim will become a zombie

(the victim is the one who must cast the first two methods of this spell and the first part of method 3 the part that the witches cast is when the voodoo sorcerer gets the poision)
good luck


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Sorry, once you're dead there's no coming back.

Apr 02, 2020
yes, own the body by a demon

Apr 02, 2020
That's not how demonic possession works. Once someone is dead, they are dead, a demon, spirit, or other astral beings can't possess the dead. Even when you're alive, they don't go around possessing people as frequently as people think. Most make a deal with the human to take over their body for a period of time, and on the rare occasion they forcefully take over the body, they need to weaken the person over a long period of time. If they die, the demon would leave the body because, without the life in the body, the demon cannot manipulate it.

Apr 09, 2021
Hey Nekoshema is it possible to possess other peoples bodies or possessing technologies?

Apr 10, 2021
It's possible to possess someone's body, but highly unlikely. Like all forms of possession, the target needs to be either complacent or in such a weakened state they can't fight back spiritually. That's why people are tormented for a long period by a spirit/demon before it attempts to possess someone [they need to wear the victim down] even if you're astral projecting and a spirit tries to enter your body, your physical will instantly call you back. As for technology, I would say maybe? Tech witches and tech witchcraft are a thing and there are practitioners who are using this new technology in their evolving crat, and since in theory, you could use your energy to affect electrical energy, it could work on a small scale. I doubt you could hack into someone's computer by sitting in another location while meditating, but I could see through a trance state connecting with the energy surrounding the computer [both from the owner and the electricity running it] to find your way around firewalls and into the computer.

You cannot become a demon, zombie, or ''demon zombie.''

You cant turn into a zombie nor bringing back the dead, if you died your soul is not attached to your body anymore. Idk about if its possible to possessing other peoples bodies or possessing technology, but I do know you cant be back to your old body.

Apr 10, 2021
why can't i come back to my old body? even if it's still intact?

Apr 18, 2021
Because magick on the physical doesn't contradict nature. Once your physical dies, the systems that keep you alive cease to work [brain shuts down, blood stops flowing, breathing stops] rigour mortis sets in, and your body starts to break down. You might still be intact but your squishy parts [liver, intestines, eyes] have begun to break down, bacteria had begun to eat your corpse, and on and on and on. While someone could restart your heart and someone could be brought back after a few minutes, if this is a day later, your body [while it still looks in tact] has already begun the process of breaking down and becoming worm food. To quote Disney, it's the circle of life, birth, life, death, body becomes grass, antelope eat grass, so on. Magick doesn't contradict nature, so trying to turn the circle the other way won't work. Not only would your body be different on a metabolic level [or worse, depending on how long it's been since death] but your spirit has gone, and even if you're lingering around your physical, you need a lot of spiritual energy to enter a physical form, and even more spiritual energy to make the physical form work, and then you have to consider the physical is breaking down, neurons aren't firing, the energy has left the body. It's more likely to possess a doll than a corpse.

For starters magik is not physical and etc like this spell says. While I am a strong believer and practicer of the craft real necromancy if I’m not wrong is more on a spiritual level and does not contradict nature. 2nd of all magik has to do with the follow of energy and sometimes the astral plane. I’m not even sure this “demon zombie you speak of is a astral being

Won't work

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