Basic Psi Feeds

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A few methods of Psi vamp feeding

Casting Instructions for 'Basic Psi Feeds'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Will power
  • The ability to direct and manipulate chi/energy
1. The easiest way to feed psionicaly is, off of the prana in the air.
Breathe in deeply through your nose, as you do so, visualize a cloud of energy entering your lungs. As you exhale you release the used air and retain the prana or chi.

2. You may wish to try another method, while in a large crowd, visualize your aura expanding with your heartbeat and eventually encompassing the crowd, all that is left to do now is soak up the energies within your bubble.

3. You may extend a psi tendril directly into a chakra of your target and draw a desired energy type that the chakra produces.

4. Another method you may enjoy is, while in a place of high social energies, visualize your crown chakra opened, and a vacuum vortex swirling above you, sucking up all of the ambient energy.

Will write more methods at a later time.

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From my understanding, psi vampires have more of an issue controlling when they tap into others energy, when they are low, their body naturally consumes energy from those around the. These are however good suggestions, not just for psi vampires, but for anyone wanting to tap into energy sources and not just ''feed'' off one person.

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