A Simple Healing

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A simple means of reliving pain and speeding recovery.

Casting Instructions for 'A Simple Healing'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Positive Energy
  • Knowledge of Energy Manipulation
  • Knowledge of Grounding
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Positive Energy
  • Knowledge of Energy Manipulation
  • Knowledge of Grounding

Relax, and gather your energy. Make sure to ground yourself before attempting.

Focus on the effected area, and visualize a stream of golden light flowing into the injury. If you are merely reliving general pain/tiredness then simply allow the healing/positive energy to flow through your entire body. If you are casting this on someone else then place a hand over the effected area and direct the energy from your hand to their body.

Note: This is not meant to replace actual medical practices, and is not for treating serious, or life-threatening,injuries.


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@Nekoshema does this work?

Dec 11, 2020
Yes, it's a simple energy healing [I've done this a lot] It won't make a cut vanish, but it will remove the pain and speed healing.

@nekoshema can this spell transfere energy to the ones we love , for example if someone is feeling tired / or fatigue can we share a portion of our energy with them

Jan 05, 2021
Yes. It takes practice, but you can transfer energy to a person just like how you charge an item for a spell.


Jul 29, 2022
Cool indeed, and the basis behind most (if not all) forms of energy working. An excellent starting point. Though, it is best to envision yourself as a channel, guiding the desired energy through yourself from an external source rather than pushing forward your personal energy.

Also, pro tip, the more you get out of the way the better the energy will flow. Let it move as it wants while you focus on your intent. Energy has its own flow and balance, and basically guides itself however it is needed.

It is like water in puddles, open a channel between them and they will even eachother out on their own.

Nekoshema big fan of your work!

Apr 30, 2023
Thank you ^_^

Does this work gore sicknesses?

Dec 03, 2023
This kind of practice can be used towards helping to relieve sicknesses as well. Like with any other dis-ease* the idea is to focus on helping the body heal itself.

I would suggest focusing on the intent and ides of invigorating, rejuvenating, and otherwise energizing or feeding the immune system. Basically working to empower the body to attack and remove the illness.

*- Dis-ease refers to any variety of thing that might bring the body away from a position of balance and health. To be literal, anything that takes you away from being at ease. Dis-ease literally means ''To be without or lacking in ease (comfort)''.

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