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If your charger doesn't work this spell is right for you

Casting Instructions for 'Charge your device'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Device
  • Hands
  • Complete concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Device
  • Hands
  • Complete concentration
Put the device on a flat surface put your hands over it so that they are hovering and say these words

Charge thee (ex.Ipad) I command you and ask you please call you now to ask the power of three to charge.


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If you dont have hands then you're out of luck

Haha good one

It doesn't work

I did it and it charged 1%... oh wait my phone is plugged in. Oh my gosh but it just charged 2% really fast not being sarcastic

Thx einstein my phone lost 1% more than usual attempting this spell

Some claim you could use magick energy to influence electrical energy, but if this works, it might just give you 1-2% more. No harm in trying, but I doubt it'll work for most.

sorry honey, you're thinking of a wireless charger

You can't enchant a phone- How hard is that to get? You cant change anything in your DNA Or something that is manmade (eg: phone, tablet laptop) None of the spells can make your devices fly or charge =_=

it worked for me I go 4% more then it stoped

Spiritual energy is different from electrical energy. While charging a large quantity of spiritual energy can create slight influences on things like candle flames and lightbulbs to flicker, you cannot use it to charge electrical devices back to full power. That said, holding a device with a dead battery and simply saying you want it to be charged will not work. You are not focusing energy, so you will not be casting a spell, and without energy, you will not charge the item.

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