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Will cast a magical circle around you for a week, while you still have the circle your magik is stronger x10

Casting Instructions for 'Cast a Circle'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand

Hold your wand in the air and say this once: "Gods and goddesses hear my plea. Now cast a magical circle around me. Aid my magik with this circle let me glow a blue-ish purple. So mote it be".


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If a new magician has not wand ?

Apr 05, 2020
You can use your athame, staff, or finger. The point is to direct the energy.

Incomplete. Connect to the energy around you, focus it into your wand [or whatever you're using to direct the energy] Starting in the east [or north, or south, or west, whatever works for you. East is just most common] point your wand at the ground and visualize energy leaving your wand and forming a line, walking in a circle, once you return to your starting point, say the chant and visualize the energy forming a dome around you. When you wish to open the circle, thank the God and Goddess for watching over your circle, then walk in the opposite direction, with the wand pointed at the ground, visualize the energy dome/circle disappearing.

May 25, 2020
Nothing is working for me I feel energy alot of it I feel high all the time but doing a spell I cant do

May 26, 2020
One, this isn't a spell, it's a ritual, and two it's incomplete as well as misleading. You won't glow or see the circle. You would feel the energy around you. If you can see aura's you may see the barrier, but most won't. You're creating sacred ground, where you are protected and can connect with deities as well as perform spells and rituals. If you're feeling the energy you've cast it correctly. [also, be sure to take down the circle once you're done instead of just stepping through it] Regarding spell casting, it's not as instant as circle casting, so you need to wait to see resutls.

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