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This is a spell that worked well for me that was made to protect my Book of Shadows from other people and from being damaged.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Purple paper
  • Black Pen
  • Clear Quartz Crystal

Casting Instructions for 'Book Protection'

This spell is best done on a Friday on the hour of Venus, while the Waning Moon or New Moon in Taurus but this is optional and you don't have to incorporate Astrological influences if you don't want to.

The first step in casting the spell is to prepare a meaningful symbol and draw it on your purple paper with your black pen. For me I combined the Symbols of the Pentacle, Taurus, Venus, the Wiccan symbol of Earth and the Japanese Kanji symbol of Earth.

The main thing is to create a symbol that has a meaning of protection for you, for me I use the Symbols of element of Earth and the Astrological signs associated with the spell.

Once you have done this, open you Book of Shadows at the page where your spell is kept (Mine is near the front) and place your paper in the centre with your right hand resting on top, with the Clear Quartz under your hand.

Visualise yourself drawing energy up from the Earth, up your body, through your arms, crystal and into the book. Imagine the energy spreading and seeping through the pages throughout the whole book.

Whilst you are doing this state the incantation below:

'Oh! Dear God and Goddess,
Please answer to thee.
I a-summon you to me,
To let this spell be.
*In the light of the Waning Moon*,
Let this spell dispel this noon,
All forms of ill-intent
And negativity soon.
Let this book be protected,
From all those who stare.
Let no damage upon these pages,
Earth, Water, Fire and Air
Element of Earth,
Ever-lasting and stable be.
Let your energy flow,
Into thy book through me.
Everlasting Earthy Taurus,
Stable and protective.
Let this spell never wane,
Unlike the moon respective.
With thy book protected,
For all eternity.
And as thy will,
So mote it be!'

*Replace with 'In the dark of the moon of new' when it is done during the New Moon* You can also take out the Taurus and Moon lines if you are not bothered about the astrological influences. You can say the incantation twice for Clarity

Spend a moment focusing on your energy flow until you are satisfied. Now you can keep the piece of paper by attaching it to the spell page (Or slipping it inside the pocket with the spell page if using a folder) and it will also act like a protective Talisman 

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