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This spell will make you unseen for a time.

Casting Instructions for 'Unseen For This Time'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing


"Silent as a willow,
Black as night,
Unseen I will be
For the rest of this

Start with a low voiced chanting murmur, slurring and blending your words. At black as night go a little louder and clearer while still slurring a bit, then a little louder, a little louder, and say time louuderr. While doing this beginners try closing your eyes.Everyone and anyone imagine disappearing and what you'd do while keeping a blank mind. Only ones with at least some (or more) can accomplish this spell.

Try holding hands together while doing this, it helped me. This spell does not involve dealing with the Darke and other side. The spell covers a lot. People can't hear you, only maybe a small swish sometimes like the blowing of leaves when a rush of wind passes. So if you're hiding its lucky to be by some trees with a good amount of wind. (You can conjure wind because you can do other spells while you have this spell on).

It camouflages you by blending you with surroundings like black blends with night. It makes you unseen because that's what it says. It lasts for the the time you need :) If you are very advanced you can say the spell in your head and it will work. Practice makes perfect!


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This could put you in a trance, but without grounding your energy, all you are doing is chanting.

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