Wolf Pack/ Therian Pack Potion

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This potion should make you become a better pack member when you drink 1-3 drops of it. Again, a pack secret dont share this!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Small Vial
  • Pureified Water
  • Cactus Sap
  • Essentail Oils
  • Wolf/Canine Fur
  • Your D.N.A (Hair, Finger Nail, Blood, etc)
  • A Pack
  • Wand
  • Carnelian Gem

Casting Instructions for 'Wolf Pack/ Therian Pack Potion'

First fill the vial with purified water, then add in the wolf/canine fur. Add in your D.N.A,then the sap. Add in 2-3 drops of the oil. Then hold your gem and say,"Goddess and God, make this gem's energy flood out into my palm like liquid, and make it so when I put my hand over this here vial the energy will flood in." Then place your palm over the vial. Then get a charged and and stir while saying, "Goddess and God, Lady and Lord, make it so whoever drinks 1-3 drops of this potion becomes a better pack member, whether it's Alpha, Beta,Theta, or any other rank. The sap, symbolizing the power to emotionally heal, the oil, symbolizing nature, the wolf/canine fur, symbolizing the wolf or animal within, my D.N.A, symbolizing me. I wish to become a better (Pack Rank) blessed be, mote it be, so be it." And then use it when ever you like!

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I suppose if you have a coven that works with wolf symbols and astral spirits that identify as werewolves, this could be used in an initiation ritual to the group.

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