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If you are having trouble banishing a demon back into the void, then here is a quick spell that is easy for all.

Casting Instructions for 'Banish Demon'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red robe
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red robe

Look the demon straight in the eyes (if it has none you're out of luck) Make your voice as deep as possible and yell: "carlem! koas! camerinthum! (the demons name)."

Use both hands and make a dramatic pushing motion. The demon should look as if its melting through the ground.


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Warning, you must have the demons name or it will not work. Do not ask it, for it lie to you and do what it can to say in this plane.

Apr 16, 2024
Slightly correct. Demons can tell you their name, but a trickster spirit can and will lie. If you are afraid Baal is after you, when it is in fact an imp, guess what they will tell you? I am Baal, fear me. This is why you need to ask questions and check their answers. Use divination and research. If they claim to be Baal, ask them a question about themselves, like What are you ranked and if they reply with I am very high ranked or anything other than his official rank of King, that is a red flag you are not talking to Baal. I would also like to note, any demon claiming to be a member of the Ars Goetia that is randomly talking to you when you did not summon them, are not working on something they rule over, or saw no signs of them prior to this encounter, would also be signs this ''demon'' is not actually them.

What should I do if the demon keeps coming back every 5 minutes?

Apr 16, 2024

Apr 16, 2024
medusa82 does have a point. As outlined, this spell does not have any energy behind it. If you do not speak Latin, you are not invested in the words, let alone understand them. When was the last time you cleansed your house? When was the last time you cleansed yourself? When was your last protection? Ask your guides for help. Your spiritual team is there to protect you. If a spirit is giving you trouble, call on your spiritual team to assist you in removing it from your space and keeping it out for good. If there is a negative presence in your home, you will need to do a lot more than this spell outlines. Hopefully, my comment below can help people. And since Darth_Vader has not been on this site in a few years, I hope they got the help they needed.

This will not banish a demon. It is incredibly rare for a demon to attack someone. If you meet a demon, it is either a lesser demon which can be handle rather simply by an experienced practitioner, or you summoned them. No members of the Ars Goetia will randomly attack people. They are far too busy with their own concerns. The vast majority of demonic attacks are people overreacting and thinking something is demonic when it is not. Trickster spirits love to claim they are something they are not. An inexperienced Witch will believe them without vetting the ''demon'' or ''deity'' in question, and when the trickster starts growing hostel, the inexperienced Witch fears the worst. Ask questions, record the answers, and compare them to actual accounts. If Loki is telling you they have only one child, it is not Loki. If The Morrigan is singing your praises and only telling you what you want to hear, it is not The Morrigan. If a demon claims it can do powerful things but cannot at this moment because they are tired or the energy is not quite right, it is not a demon, it is a triskter spirit.

You work with demons by making an exchange. Research the demon in question, call on them and make your deal. The demon then helps you with the goal, and you uphold your end of the contract. The biggest cause of demon attacks is not a random demon attacking an innocent human bystander. The human made a deal and is not paying up. To make the attack end, settle your debts. This is true for any spiritual contract your enter into. You promise your deities you will go to the gym twice a week if they get your dream job? Guess what you should do if you want to keep your job and not suffer through a miserable work environment and sudden termination.

If this is one of those rare legitimist demonic attacks from a demon you did not contact, the first step is to research banishings. If you know the specific type of demon, there might be a specific banishing to help you. Failing that, serious cleanse and protection of your house. Florida Water is the best option for these types of cleansings. You can make some, or purchase some. It is a Voodoo/Hoodoo item, so while the recipe is redily available and many say you can make it yourself, I suggest purchasing from a practitioner of that form of Magik as it will be more potent and also respectful to a closed practice. I know has some since they sell items used in Hoodoo, Vodou, Santeria and other similar POC practices. Florida Water can be found on Etsy and this sites shop as well, it is very common. You do not need to use the entire bottle. A few drops in your floor wash or a spray bottle will do the trick. Be sure your doors/windows are open so the negative energy and negative entity can escape, then shut the door/window once you leave the room so it does not return. You can also add a few drops to your bath to cleanse yourself. If you work with a deity, call on them for help. Hang protection symbols above doorways, lock mirrors and windows, say a protection chant, sprinkle ground eggshells across your doorway. If you have a house, plant protective plants in your garden, by your door, and/or either side of your driveway.

I also suggest locking your phone and computer screens as they too can be used as black mirrors and negative energy/entities can get through. I am not trying to scare you. Magik, like life, is about consent. Have you ever been on TikTok, found a tarot reading, and the person say something along the lines of Say yes to claim this or please consent to this reading? That is because you have natural spiritual blocks. If you are open to anything you see/hear, this means any energy can come through the portal that is your screen, and seep into your life for good or bad. This is also why you might feel miserable after hours of doom scrolling. Yes, the world is on fire, but if you are allowing the darkness into your world without going that is enough for now then your energetic field is oversaturated with negative energy. Regular cleansings and protections of yourself, your home, and even your devices can reduce the amount of negative energy build up which can manifest as a demon in your life. This is the nature of negative energy. It bogs us down. This is what 99% of random demon attacks actually are.

Apr 19, 2024
Very thorough, and very well-said. This advice, is good advice.

Frankly it could be copy-pasted into an article with zero editing. ... Tadashi you should do that. It'd be a boon to others.

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