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This spell is great for all witches. It allows you to grow beautiful, feathered retractable wings, and it also helps you grow safe contact with the bird gods. If you?ve been chosen, the bird and it?s soul will protect you and cleanse you for your lifetime.

Casting Instructions for 'Wings of Light'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The feather of the bird whose wings you'd like.
  • A photo of the bird whose wings you'd like.
  • Water
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The feather of the bird whose wings you'd like.
  • A photo of the bird whose wings you'd like.
  • Water

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, sit down on the floor of a dark room below 70 degrees, and place both the photo and feather of your bird in front of you. Keep the water out of sight, as that may interfere with your connection with the bird. Once you feel ready, chant this in your head;

"O heavenly one, your beauty arrayed,

show me your ways and take me in as your own.

O heavenly one, tell me as if I am one,

for I am ready to owe you my everlasting compassion for your flight."

As you recite, imagine the bird’s grace as it glides through the air, it’s tail feathers gleaming against the falling sun. Once you finish, you should feel a bit calmer than before. You’ll feel your eyelids dropping slightly, and your muscles fall loose. Wait a couple of seconds as the bird’s soul cleanses yours. As you feel comforted, and the tensity has left your body, grasp the water and place it next to the photo of the bird. Then, pick up the feather of the bird and blow it. Watch as it glides against the air, and flutters to the ground. Before you pour the water onto the bird’s photo, recite these words out loud;

"Your (feather color) wings are those to honor,

as your beauty is unmatched.

O beautiful aviator, show me your ways, and take me in as your own.

I see you, and honor you.

O bird goddess Lilith, promise me you’ll stay.

Allow me to bask in your beauty, 

as mine is unmatched by yours.

Grant me your heavenly gifts, and show me how to soar above!

So, mote it be!"

As you’ve finished announcing those very words, pour the water over the photo and shout;

"Through rain and shine,

through day and night,

you stay strong! 

Show me, Lilith!"

Now, take a moment to feel the whispering echoes in your ear. Can you hear them? If so, you’ve been chosen by the bird goddess, Lilith.

For the next couple weeks, you may feel some pain in your back if you’ve been chosen. That’s fine! It’s just your bones making way for the wings. About a week after that, your wings will grow overnight. You should wake up one morning with the wings you want!


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This is fake. Humans can't grow wings. If you want to fly, look into astral projection.

You cannot grow physical wings.

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