Cotholic way to cast a ressurection

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bring back the spirite of a dead loved one for a while. It works. I just sat and started to stare at a picture of my dead dog.*

Casting Instructions for 'Cotholic way to cast a ressurection'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • complete consintration
  • a picture of the loved one
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • complete consintration
  • a picture of the loved one
Take the picture and hang it on a wall or hold it. look streght into the person orpet's eyes. consintrate the on the last moment you have had with the person or animal in the picture. say in you head, ''MY BELOVED (SAY THE PERSON OR PET'S NAME), I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO SEE YOU ONCE AGAIN. I ASK YOU GOD TO LET (PERSONS OR PET'S IN PICTURES NAME) COME DOWN ONCE MORE. JESU, JESU (YAY-ZOO) I BEG AND PLEA FOR I LOVE THEE. IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRITE (ACTIONS ON THE SIGHT OF THE FATHER INCLUDED) AMEN. Imaginate the persone or pet is rghit next to and in you heart. The person or pet will appear beside, behind, or in front of you and in you heart. The spirite will either come down from the skies and clouds of heaven or the spirite will come out of you left chest a.k.a. heart.


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Catholic or not they're dead and you can't make them undead. Take some solace they're in heaven.

Mar 10, 2022
Why must it about heaven? through in many ancient pantheon, there always gods/goddess of the underworld. and 'clouds of heaven'? if you mean above.. in outer space there is no clouds. Also 'in your heart' , you want a pet inside your microcosmos?. Also too 'your left chest'? why it is not right chest? well, energy and spirit could be everywhere, and not attached on left chest only. Maybe in once a year, gates is open, thats why we see ''hungry Ghost festival'', ''Yulanpen Sutra'' in asian or ''Halloween'' in.. , these gates is allowed (by gods) to be open between the dead and alive but just for a while, to not disturb the balance.

You cannot bring someone back from the dead. While I doubt this even works, it could call to their spirit. They will not physically return to life.

Not only will the spell not work but you spelled Catholic wrong

i can say this spell is fake and may not even work it might call for their spirit but you cannot bring someone or something back to life when it is dead sorry.

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