Become a Black Wizard

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Read this and you will learn to become a black wizard.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Black Wizard'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand

Black wizards do destructive spells. The spells a black wizard will need to know is a enchantment spell a fire spell, a ice spell, summoning, a invisibility spell and a teleport spell.

Enchantment spell:
Firstpoint your wand at the object and say "by the power of me ( object) do as I please". Then after you say that tell the object what to do.

Fire spell: 
Hold your hands out palms facing each other your energy down your arms and out your hands to form a ball of energy. Now visualize that ball of energy becoming a ball of fire.

Ice spell:
Do the samething as the fire spell but visualize it turning into ice instead of fire. 

To summon helpers (we're talking about demons) the first thing people think is oh thats evil but its not. Now cast a circle and do a bubble shield protection spells then lift up you wand and say "Lucifer king of hell let ( the demon you want to have as a helper) come to me". After you do that try to work out something for him or her to become your helper.

Invisibility spell:
Step one see everything surrounding you then see the photons of light passing through you then your are invisible.

See yourself being surrounded by a black light then see a dark hole jump into the hole and think of the place you want to go to. 


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does this spell actually work???

Oct 30, 2019
No. The majority of Pagans go with ''witch'' not ''wizard'' [it's gender neutral] magick is intention, not colour, and if you choose to become a practitioner of negative or ''black'' magick, you just focus your studies in that area. A spell doesn't make you a witch, your actions do [plus a lot of what this spell claims doesn't work]

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