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Spell to summon a wish granting djinn. This spell must be performed, beginning to end, on the night/morning of a full moon, between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A mirror (any size or shape)
  • An item you wish the Djinn to become bound to. This item must be a personal relic from your past. The stronger the personal meaning the item has to you, the better it will work. Many people use rings or pendants, for their subtlety and their ease of transportation.
  • Black lipstick (anything that is solid black and will write easily on a mirror without damaging it will work, but I’ve found lipstick to be the best thing to use)
  • An unscented black candle, white candle, and red candle (these can be any size or shape, as long as they don’t have a scent). Black candles can be sometimes difficult to find, but, if you can’t find one at your local superstore or candle store, you may want to check online.

Casting Instructions for 'Djinn Summoning'


First, you need to set up the area you wish to perform the spell. You should be in a perfectly quiet room, where you can be alone during the duration of the spell, and stay relaxed. You need to have your mirror, lipstick, and personal item nearby, and the candles need to be set up in a straight line on the floor, about 6 inches from one another, in the order: white, red, black.

Now, to begin the spell, you must say the following words 3 times (I will include pronunciation in parenthesis).

Allah (ah-lah) shafim (sha-feem) barat (buh-rot) shiu (shoe) kamir (kuh-meer).

This incantation is used to “open the gates” to the world of the Djinn.

After you have said the incantation, light your candles, in the order, white, black, red (the white and black candles represent the free will of the Djinn, while the red candle, as well as the flame that rests upon it, represents the fire which gave birth to the Djinn).

Now, here is where you will choose the specific type of Djinn you wish to summon. Choose what you want, and, with the black lipstick, write the words as neatly as possible, towards the center of the mirror. Please note that you MUST, choose either male or female, and you must choose the type of Djinn. You can’t “leave it blank”.
First, no matter what you’re choosing, write:
Ali Allah hamal Jinni

Then, for the sex, after the word Jinni, write:
Muschna (for male), or vamir (for female).

Now, after the sex is written, write the following, no matter what type of Djinn you choose.
al aman.

Now, write the word for the type of Djinn you wish to choose after the period after aman.

*For a Marid Djinn (most powerful, friendly, water element), write-
Majirr Al-Amari

*For an Ifrit (Efrit) Djinn (malicious, second most powerful, fire element), write
Flamarr Al-Amari

*For a Guhl (shapeshifting), write
Sul Al-Amari

*And for a Sila (the weakest of the Djinn, however, recommended if you are a beginner), write
Shamal Al-Amari

Then, after the type of Djinn, write the following:
Closun ontei.

Now, you may feel the Djinn’s presence in the room with you. If you don’t don’t worry, as many people don’t unless they are familiar with the energies a Djinn puts off.

Now, you must request that the Djinn be bound to your item (ring, pendant, etc.) in exchange for some of your psychic energy (Djinn feed off of psychic energies, but it must be offered to them, so the Djinn will gladly accept your offer.

To do this, say “I wish you to be physically and spiritually bound to this ____ (name of item) presented to you here.” You don’t have to do anything special with the item…just make sure it’s near your casting area, so the Djinn doesn’t enter into the wrong item. Then say “In exchange for your mortal services, I offer you a certain amount of my own energies.”

Then, you must perform a short (1 or 2 minutes) meditation, during which, you will concentrate as hard as you can on “transferring your energy from your body, and into the item you wish to bind the Djinn to.” After you’ve finished your meditation, and transferred some of your energy into the item, the Djinn should be bound the item. Now, to close the spell, say the following 3 times:

En (in) tien (tea-in) Allah (ah-lah) cluman (clue-mon).

After you have said the recitation, blow out the red candle, then the black, and then the white.

Wipe off the lipstick from the mirror, as the spell is now completed.

Also, as a special bonus, I am going to include some tips on beginning communications with your Djinn. However, these tips are not originally mine, and I am passing them to you by permission of another Djinn conjurer, who wishes to remain anonymous. Here they are:

Since your Djinn is new to you, there is very little chance it will appear as a physical manifestation until it gains your trust. If you wish to ask it a question, however, there are ways that most Djinn prefer to answer you.

If you wish to ask it a question, before it gets used to you, and will answer you with audible sound, do this: Take a pencil in your weakest hand, and place it on the first line of an empty piece of paper. Ask the question outloud, in the presence of the Djinn, and command the Djinn to guide your hand and lead your to answers. Then, close your eyes, and begin moving the pencil slowly in random patterns, just doing whatever feels right, without thinking about what you’re writing, until the paper is covered. Then, open your eyes, and examine the paper. Many times you will find that (if your Djinn isn’t too stubborn), it will have guided your hand to write out the answer to your questions within the paper. Just look for words scattered among the random marks.

Another way, and a way the Djinn prefer to communicate with their masters, is through the dream world. To communicate this way, simply have the Djinn close to you, and, right before you go to bed, do a 10 or 15 minute meditation on the question you would like the Djinn to answer. Then, go to sleep immediately after. You’ll find that the Djinn will appear in your dreams, in one form or another, and will help to advise and guide you. You will find these techniques very useful for asking the Djinn information about itself, such as it’s name, and if it is ready to start granting your wishes, etc.


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Hi, is there another way that i can summon a good jinn? I am 15 y.o and i want to directly call one because i dont have supplies. Im home aone too and my parents come home in afternoon.

Jul 15, 2020
Hopefully they will not mind you summon this Djinn then... Find a lamp with a good wick in it, make sure there's some oil, but do not light it, and rub the side of the metal with your palm while envision one single item you need of supplies. Imagine a needle going through a ringed towel poking into it. This should get your idea through.

Jun 13, 2023
hi my name is heather do you know how to summon invoke a genie i am looking for a good genie formula affirmation invocation prayer chat

Jun 13, 2023
hi my name is heather do you know how to invoke a genie i am looking for a good genie formula affirmation invocation prayer chat

How do the wishes work, exactly? Does the power of the Djinn affect how many wishes you get or how often you can make a wish? What kind of wishes can each type of Djinn grant? For instance, if someone wanted to wish for perfect mental health, would that be considered a small, medium, or large wish, and which Djinn would be most able to grant that kind of wish?

Can we use a white candle then a black candle and cc an It be a led candles too just asking ?

I don't have a Black candle so can I use the red candle like having two red candles and whit candle or two white candles and one red candle

Well, this spell looks great and as soon as I get used and moved on to my new own apartment, I will try it out. But then, if it goes well, well... I am Polish and, do I have to speak to Djinn in English language or could I in Polish language? I really need this answer, because Im struggling with this a lot. And it could be nice to know if I have to talk in English or could talk in Polish, to any other Spirits, Demons, Gods and any other Spiritual Beings. Id be grateful for the answer ^^

Jan 14, 2024
Late reply, but yes you can (and should) communicate in your native language once you have established contact. It is easier for you, you can better articulate your conversation, and the Djinn should still be able to communicate with you in your language. ...Unless the entity is feeling unco-operative, or you are not centered and in-tune with the moment.

Communication on a spiritual level happens outside of words and language. It is a function of thought, energy, intent, and emotion. An example I like to use is this;

When you want a drink, you might physically say the words ''I am thirsty.'' And maybe sometimes mime the movement of drinking something. In spiritual communication, you might be saying the words but you are also experiencing the sensation of thirst, imagining or thinking of what you are wanting to drink, and emotionally recognizing it as an issue to be solved. So even if another listening entity might not understand the words, they understand the feeling of thirst and the desire to fix it.

Will this spell work?

Jan 14, 2024
By appearances, and under my understandings, yes this is a functioning spell. However I would caution that Djinn are -not- by default friendly towards people, and really dislike slavery/being bound or commanded in anything. Many stories involving Djinn involve trickster ways of granting boons or performing tasks that might obey the letter of the demands placed on them, but certainly not the spirit of the request. Usually to the caster's/master's severe detriment.

Outside if the written incantations and instructions, anything asked of or communicated with a potential Djinn coming yo your presence should be carefully worded as an invitation or request if you wish to avoid a potentially hazardous working-relationship.

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