Creating Fairy Magic

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Creating fairy magic in your garden.

Casting Instructions for 'Creating Fairy Magic'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:


You can also create tiny places for fairies in your garden. A birdbath or a fountain is a perfect place for fairies to bathe. You can make tiny caves using rocks. Hide them under rose bushes and beneath ivy. Tables and chairs can be made from stone. Make a table using a flat piece of rock such as slate. Use four smaller stones at each corner for table legs. You can set stones around the table to serve as chairs. If the stones fall over, you can glue them with hot glue or super glue to the bottom of the table. Line your fountains with small stones and place stones in the water on which fairies can sit. Set aside a place where you will honor your guests. Welcome them by leaving honeycakes and other goodies for them to eat. Fairies are fond of sweets. Leave a place on a flat stone where you can leave a plate of treats for your visitors. Just remember to change them often. The fairies may or may not take the actual food. Remember that they live on the spiritual plane and can take the essence of the food and leave the empty shell behind. Fairies will appreciate if you leave one small area of your garden unkempt. Placing a statue there will help it look more decorative and can even make the area look older and more wild. If you cannot afford a statue, you can make rings of nine stones or tiny replicas of Stonehenge. Tiny temples can be built with just a little imagination.


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Simple suggestions on working with fairys. You should also hang wind chimes and plant plants that fae are fond of or are considered sacred. A bonus is many people today are seeing fairy gardens like this as cute hobbies and not sacred spaces so you can hide in plain sight if you are not out of the broom closet.

May 25, 2022
Is there a specific size I should go for? I don't want to make them too big or too small.

May 26, 2022
For the garden? No real size. A window planter would do. The key is to choose plants the fae enjoy and work on your garden with intention. Since it is for fairy's, keep your mind on making the space inviting to them. Not all fairy's are nice, so do your research, but keeping a positive energy can welcome nature fairy's. You should still be cautious, but these are the types most people think of. Though, they behave more like Tinkerbell from the 1953 Peter Pan than in her modern film series.

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