Get a Demon Inside Your Heart

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This spell will allow a demon inside your heart. You cannot choose the demon, and you may end up getting possessed by Satan himself.

Casting Instructions for 'Get a Demon Inside Your Heart'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing


Before performing the spell, it would be very wise to read the side effects listed at the bottom

If you are using to get a demon inside your heart: Chant until you feel the demon come inside your body, trust me you'll know when he comes. Chant: "Satan my farther, devil my brother, fallen angel my sister"

If you are using before a prayer. Say once, and then say your prayer, only once. Say (X1): "Satan my farther, devil my brother, fallen angel my sister".

Side effects (Bad):

  1. Experiance extream pain, for the firstmonth, you will still experiance pain afterwards, but not as bad, as the first month.
  2. May get other possesed (low chance but can happen)
  3. Frequently possesed
  4. Sometimes tortured in dream

Side effects (Good):

  1. More power
  2. Prayers answered more
  3. Says your making a commitment to Satan
  4. Happier


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Add demonic names latin scripts may help too Beg for st Michael's protection first

Mar 07, 2019
No offence, but that sounds counter intuitive. Get possessed by a demon but ask a Christian saint for help first. Perhaps you simply want to work with demons instead? It is possible, you just need to do your research first to be safe.

You'll be happier being possessed by a demon. I'm not saying don't get possessed by a demon, but demons are manipulators who will help you in exchange for what they want, I find it funny getting possessed by a demon would be the thing you need to put a spring in your step.

Nov 26, 2020
I admire you, I've seen many of your comments. would you mind explaining the worst side effect of this? also how long they will be in your heart?

hwo do i do it meddtatate is quess

Mar 13, 2019
I'm sorry, what are you asking? Could you retype this please.

is it satan my father or satan my farther

This spell man. Why would you want to be possessed by something that has a high potential of destroying your life?

I did this a few days ago all I have been feeling is pain its not everywhere its random but sometimes the pain doesn't go away but I will keep going i will update in a few days.

Oct 21, 2020
What happened?

Nov 26, 2020
please update

Jun 19, 2021
If the pain you are feeling is a headache. That is actually self-induced. You are feeling the presence of the demon but you are subconsciously fighting yourself because of the newness of the feeling to you. Just relax.

is this the same as selling ur soul

Jun 19, 2021
No, making a pact with a demon is something different and requires a different ritual. This is more of a means to introduce yourself to demons.

I made it few years ago and since then im not happy, my life is a mess, I feel depressed and have 0 motivation... I know he came that night I was scared I told him to get out so maybe the demon don’t like me? What can I do to stop that?

Can this spell make you tired after doing it?

This does not work. Invoking Satan will not result in you being possessed. You can choose to work with Lucifer, but this sounds like the person does not understands Satanism.

Dec 05, 2021
Well it's the fact that I'm new to magic so cut me some slack

Dec 06, 2021
You chose to post a spell and I responded. I am not being mean towards you, I am simply stating facts to help new members. If you did not know about Satanism or work with Lucifer, why post a spell invoking him? If you are so new you do not know how to work with demons and certain deities, you should not have posted a spell. Other new members will see it and assume you posted a real spell. Again, I am being direct, not mean. If you wish to work with Lucifer or Satan, I suggest researching their mythology, as well as groups who work with them. The Satanic Temple uses the symbol but not does not deify either being. Spiritual Satanists would work with them as well as Luciferian witches.

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