Binding someone to Bad Things

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If you can bind some one to another person, why canÂ’t you bind them to bad things, like Illnesses, accidents, money problems.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black Candle
  • Black cord/rope (you HAVE to have this)
  • Picture of the person/ Name on piece of paper

Casting Instructions for 'Binding someone to Bad Things'

If you want to bind someone to just on thing like illnesses that’s cool, but if you’d like to bind them to different things at the same time, get the rope and name what it is you want and tie a knot and keep going. Like “death” tie a knot, “accidents” tie a knot, “ Messed up relationships” tie a knot.

Alright, take a deep breath. Light the candle. Imagine the person in that “accient” see them crying, bleeding etc or if you don’t wanna do all that just see them sad, crying, depressed, saying “my life is hell” or something. Have fun with it. Hold that for a while then feel joy fill your soul, ‘cause it already happened. Get the rope and bind the picture/Name and say “ I Bind you______, I bind you to (accidents, illnesses, financial problems” after your done, I’d burn the binding to ashes and bury them but if you can’t bury it…REAL DEEP!

* You could invoke spirits if youÂ’d like but personally I wouldnÂ’t cause I would want myself destroying them not me and a spirit.

* You could also, if it makes more sense to you, get a piece of paper and write the bad thing you want to bind the person too or get a symbol of that thing and bind them to it.


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