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This curse ties your enemy's life essence and soul to a rock

Casting Instructions for 'Voodoo Rock Curse'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A rock , cannot be quartz or Sapphire
  • A circle of earth
  • The ruin chant found on spell to ruin
  • Pure Hatred
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A rock , cannot be quartz or Sapphire
  • A circle of earth
  • The ruin chant found on spell to ruin
  • Pure Hatred

take a rock that is not quartz or Sapphire/ ruby and put it in an earthen circle. Say " young [ victim name] your life is small and meek you will never live to see a thing for your spirit is not worthwhile to taint this feeble planet" then chant the spell of ruin oh and during the whole thing you must hold a Sapphire in the left hand a quartz in the right.. after chanting the ruin curse rub the quartz and Sapphire together and throw them on the stone you have in the earthen circle. The stone will hold the soul of a human only until the stone breaks or is broken. If it breaks the soul of that human is lost forever. 


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Is there a specific reason a sapphire and quartz are used?

Feb 24, 2020
(Asking as a vodoun practitioner) Why isn't a Loa invoked or evoked in this ''voodoo'' ritual? By ''voodoo'' do you mean New Orleans Voodoo (a style of american Hoodoo)?

Nov 04, 2020
yeah, I was curious about this as well. I don't practice vodoun but I know a bit from some of my group mates and Loa seem to play a major part in the practice?

sapphire and quartz are used because it is easier for energy to travel through them. You could virtually use any rock, but it would be harder and it would make you more tired. And this is actually very simple ritual and spell to complete therefore the Loa aren't needed, but you could if you really would like to. I hope you have success in your endeavours.

While you can bind a spirit to an object, I doubt this spell works.

I have written a spell, and I wish to share it. but, alas, I do not know how! PLZ help!

Oct 09, 2020
You need to be a council member of a coven. Also, make sure the spell works, is formatted correctly, with no spelling/grammar issues [we've got enough incomplete, fake spells on the site] because while they can be edited, this takes time, and spells can only be deleted by the site admin.

Jan 26, 2022
heh too right mate

I am a Vodun practitioner from Haiti of Vodun bloodline. This thing you post up here is western European and Roman, Vatican jokes. In Vodun, or Haitian Vodun (A.K.A. Haitian Voodoo) there are no god(s), no spells. There are Lwas (Loas), Orisha and so on to be close there are over 1,440 Lwas and Orishas even in what is identify as Louisiana or New Orleans Voodoo. There is no Karma ass well. Vodun, Haitian Voodoo is not there to harm or kill people, what you are referring to is call ''WANGA''. Wanga is compose of many malice practices, sub-malice practices, all Vodun, Haitian Voodoo practitioner are very well aware and knowledgeable of Wanga as well many other religions. To conclude. There is/are no; God(s) Saint(s) Angel(s) Demon(s) Karma Spells Priest Priestess There are; Lwas/Loas Petition Summoning Invoking Conjuring Ougan Mambo Badigan Kanzo and so on etc. If you are trying to learn about Vodun it is best you contact a Peristil (that is a Vodun temple) preferably of Benin or Haitian Origin. Beware of clandestine Peristils (Wanga Houses) out there, if you walk into one and make out alive I am going to say you were not worth their time for them to not let you make out alive (Meaning you are not the well fit specimen). Vodun is not a malice religion.

Could I use an ordinary rock for this?

Where can I find the ruin chant found on spell to ruin?

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