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Name: Ozmo
Birthday: Jun 13 1983
Location: Texas, USA
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I have practiced occultism and magic for 30+ years. I started with Nei Gong when I was 5 (Taoist internal alchemy, my father got me started). I then went through decades of study and practice in a variety of Magical Styles like Haitian Voudon, Hoodoo, Golden Dawn Hermetic High Magic (and the styles that were inspired by it like Thelema and Wicca), Tantra, Aghori Shiavism, Yoga (Kundalini, Raja, and Bhakti yoga) and Toltec Sorcery, as examples.
I also learned a lot about Blood magic, Necromancy, tool creation/ invention/use, combat magic, as well as outer and inner alchemy (western and eastern styles)...to name just a few topics...
I now identify as a Chaote (CMT, Chaos Magical Theory). Although, I tend to ignore Discordianism and focus more on the works of the IOT (Carroll, Spare, Hine...etc.) and DKMU (although I don't use the linking sigil that much.)