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This spell is if you have had a spell cast against you.

Casting Instructions for 'Reverse Candle Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 black candles
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 black candles

Light the black candles and chant:


"In the name of the gods and all the spirits.
In the name of kermunnos and the light and dark.
The gods of the neverworld
and whoever shall be casting a curse against me.
Let them suffer there own curse
let thease candles be there candles,
this curse be there curse.
Let the hurt they have caused me and mine
fall upon themselves."


Do this for five consecutive nights ( as close to midnight as possible ) chant the spell each night until the candles are spent.


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This is fake and does not work. However, you could fix this. Use road opener oil if you have it to anoint the candle. If you do not have it, you can use a similar oil, or omit it, whatever works. Carve the persons name or situation into the candle then hold it and think about what you have done and why you want to make it stop. Next, imagine a cord attaching you to the spell you wish to reverse. Imagine you are holding something to cut the cord, does not matter what, and cut it. Lastly, imagine the person/situation being surrounded in a protective glow. Now, you are ready to light the candle, but do not light the wick. Melt/remove the wax from the bottom of the candle and light the bottom. You are reversing the energy, hence the reversed candle. Allow the candle to burn out as you chant something about undoing the casting. You do not need to include spirits/deities if you do not work with them. I personally use ''What was done, I now undo'' and it works fine. As the candle burns, focus on protecting the person since they will still feel a little of the casting. The energy which has already reached them cannot be recalled. Be sure to also watch the candle as the flames size, colour, movement, any smoke, and the wax can all be used to divine whether the spell worked or not.

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