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Okay so I made up this spell when playing around with my little sister, and then she got hurt. So I did the spell and at the time I was playing around too then I got hurt, and tried it on myself and it worked.

Casting Instructions for 'healing spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice
  • belief in magick
  • hands
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice
  • belief in magick
  • hands

Chant this spell 3 times:

Put your hands on the spot where you're hurt.

Gods and goddesses hear my plea. Please make me feel better.



If you don't believe this works then try it anyhow.


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How to spell can we do it on command

Trying to say after we are done with the spell we can do it on command the healing

Mar 26, 2022
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A process of healing involves will, intent, and a movement of energy geared specifically towards the promotion of radiant health.

One would lay their hands over, or near the area of concern and use a chant like this one to focus your intent and visualization. It is helpful to imagine some expression of healing energy coming into you, flowing through your body, and out your hands into the other person.

Things it can do in the short term; give a sense of relieved tension and stress, relaxing muscles, and reducing pain.

What it can't do in the short term; erase physical harm, make cuts or scratches disappear, stop bleeding, set bones, etc.

What it can do long-term; Reduce chances of infection (promotes reduced stress, and positive emotions which allows the immune system to more effectively do its job). Improve blood flow, improving potential swelling/inflammation. Improve the rate of normal healing by assisting with the above complications. ... Dedicated practitioners of Reiki, Auyerveda, and other systems can achieve some amazing things, including influencing serious or chronic illnesses. But that takes many years of learning and practice.

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