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Using the elements to cast a spell of protection, peace and friendship (PPF)

Casting Instructions for 'Element PPF'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Chalk
  • A Picture
  • 5 Tea Light Candles
  • 5 Matches
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Chalk
  • A Picture
  • 5 Tea Light Candles
  • 5 Matches

Using the chalk draw a large pentacle with a candle at each of the point of the pentagram. Now surrounding the pentacle draw the symbols as follows:

  • God,
  • Goddess,
  • Spirituality,
  • Protection,
  • Peace
  • Friendship

Now you should place the picture of the person you want to be as the target.

Start meditating, as your body drifts off light each candle as you light each one you will need to imagine energy moving from your heart, lungs and head into the pentacle and through the candles connecting with the spirits, gods and goddesses getting more and more intense but having a calming affect at the same time.

Once you feel calm and relaxed, you need to chant this three times: (or as many times as needed)

"From Earth, Air, Fire and Water, come here as three. The Gods, Goddesses, and Spirits. I command thou to thee; protection, peace and friendship, so mote it be."

Once your body feels drained of energy (try not to feel to drained as this could make you get into a deep trance hard to get out of.)

You should imagine the energy slowly reducing in about and let your body regain back to reality, you then blow each candle out and pour the wax in the center where you placed the picture of the person you as the target.


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good spell, if you have trouble visualizing you might consider using a photo of your friends, as you stare at it, visualize a protective bubble around them

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