Large Area Ward

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This ward is used to protect your home from those with malicious intent.

Casting Instructions for 'Large Area Ward'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Symbol your relate to gathering energy
  • A large area
  • Any tools with symbolic use to ease the focus needed
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Symbol your relate to gathering energy
  • A large area
  • Any tools with symbolic use to ease the focus needed

Gather as much energy as you can and walk the perimeter of the area you wish to ward, laying down a line of energy the entire way around until you get back to your starting point. Be sure to keep focus on the energy you laid in the line, as you will need to shape it after you make your way around.

After you come back to your starting position, smooth the energy into a solid line, going around the entire perimeter. Then, extend the energy into a dome shape over the building you are warding (for exceptionally tall buildings, you would be better off making a cylinder rather than a dome).

Once the shape is created, focus on the feeling you get from those you want to ward against and focus on making the ward identify such individuals.

Now that the trigger is set, focus on making the ward do what you want it to do upon being triggered while focusing this only happening once the trigger is activated.

Finally, to keep the ward from collapsing without your constant attention, trace the symbol you chose that you associate with gathering energy and tie the ward to it. This prevents the ward from dissipating without your attention as well as slowing ward decay.

Every once in a while, you need to check the ward, as it will eventually start to decay. The time this takes is based on how well you cast it and how much energy it absorbs to keep itself working. Some can last for over a year without upkeep, while others need refreshing every few days.

To refresh the ward, recharge its energy through the spot you traced the symbol.


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This does work, but it is more akin to circle casting. A ward is usually objects or symbols you place in the four corners of your home to create a protective barrier keeping what you want in and what you want out. A circle creates a protective barrier and sacred space, but it is a temporary structure that will be broken in you cross the energetic barrier. A ward in comparison creates this barrier, but it is the objects/symbols in the four corners that create the barrier. You would disrupt those items to break the barrier.

Crystals and stones are the most common type of ward, but you can use a protection symbol from your craft or design your own sigil of protection. If you can plant protective plants outside or keep them in safe areas inside your home, you can use them too. Research the Magikal properties of whatever item you choose. First, cleanse and clean your home. You do not wish to trap unwanted energy inside your home. Without cleansing your space and removing unwanted clutter beforehand, the stagnant energy will be protected within the ward. You do not want this, you wish to have a peaceful home and seal the energy within. Once you have completed your cleanse, you may begin the warding similar to the above description. However, as you reach a corner (North, East, South, or West) place your protective item in that area. Somewhere it will not be disturbed, say high on a shelf, behind furniture, or buried in your lawn.

Lastly, be sure to maintain your wards. A good ward should last a long time, but depending on how often you cleanse your space, how often you deal with baneful workings, or the general stress of life, the wards might require a recasting more often. It is as simple as going around again, stopping at your ward, and saying a rededication as your visualize your intention, or you might prefer to cleanse and recharge the entire thing. Whatever speaks to you.

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