Get the Powers You Want

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Get all the powers you want through an amulet or lucky charm.

Casting Instructions for 'Get the Powers You Want'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Amulet/lucky charm
  • List of powers you want with drawing of a septagram
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Amulet/lucky charm
  • List of powers you want with drawing of a septagram

Write down the power(s) you want. Draw a septagram underneath your list. Set your amulet/lucky charm in one of the triangles and say three times, "Aer, aqua, terra et ignis Da mihi virtutem optas."

Put a star behind the first power on your list. Say the spell again if you want more than one power. When you're done, keep your charm with you always. If it's a piece of jewelry, put it on immediately.


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Can you send me a pic of water it looks like or send me a video of you doing it or someone else doing it? Please.

Sorry meant what not water

Jan 23, 2020
That is a septagram however you do NOT need the other shapes just the center one. Good luck.

When ya say behind it do ya mean before it? Or under it or what?

Feb 08, 2020
I think behind it

Feb 08, 2020
Sorry I meant under it. I was looking at your comment while typing

Will using a candle do anything to the spell

Do you get the powers instantly?

I try'd preforming the spell exactly as written. If i did enchant the item the effects didn't instantly apply. So i added a phi ball and have left the charm too charge, hopefully it will take effect by tomorrow.

it kinda worked i can sorta control fire

May I ask is it under or behind on the written on the paper?

This is fake, you cannot gain powers with Real Magik. Real Magik is a force of nature that brings natural changes to life. Magik does not defy nature on the physical plane.

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