Love For An Eternity

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This'll make your crush love you back and love you for as long as he/she lives.

Casting Instructions for 'Love For An Eternity'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rose petals
  • Lipstick (For girls who are using this spell)
  • A piece of paper
  • A red pen
  • Strong emotions for your crush
  • Rose incense
  • Rose quartz

Sit down and and burn the rose insence. Keep your rose quartz next to the piece of paper, which the paper should be right in front of you. Write your (future) partner's full name on the piece of paper. Grab the rose petals and gently drop the over the piece of paper.

Whilst doing this, chant the following: "Goddess of love, I call upon thee. To guide me success to the one I truely adore. Please, make (Full name) my partner and may we love each other for an eternity! This is my wish so mote it be!"

After that, fold the paper with the petals in it. Once you've folded it, kiss the paper, to leave a kissmark with the lipstick.( you can simlpy kiss it with out the lipstick for you guys ) After that, bury it under the rose.

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Last edited on Mar 27, 2018
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Can I use a rose scented candle if I don't have rose incense?

Apr 06, 2019
Good enough, so long as you're fine with it, it should work.

Also what does ''bury under the rose'' mean?

Apr 07, 2019
Sorry if I seem annoying, I just want to do this spell to the best of my ability

Apr 07, 2019
I would assume it's under a rose bush, or bury it with the rose on top. Just remember no spell is perminant, things can change over time.

What if this backfired, this popped up under ''crush'' so unless you're deeply in love I really wouldn't do this, haha.

This spell has major consequences. Please understand that your crush doesn’t really love you deep inside. He/she is only saying it, because of this, this thought will haunt you, so please, only use this if you REALLY need it,

What ig i dont have a rose quartz,or rose incense,can those 2 be replaced??

Jun 02, 2020

Jun 02, 2020
It would be best if you used all the items, but you can sub them with items with similar love energy. This spell seems to call on roses, so roses would be best, but you could use a different love incense [strawberry for example] and any other pink crystal or item [say you have a plastic heart shaped pendant]

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