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This is a variation of the Joining Together Photo Spell used on two people, neither of which are you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Photo of each person
  • Rose Petals (Red, can be dried)
  • Sugar
  • Red, Pink or White candle
  • Red pen or marker

Casting Instructions for 'Joining Two People Photo Spell'


Make sure to cleanse your area first to keep any negativity from messing with the spell.

Just like in the original we are going to begin by writing on the back of each photo, First and Last name, date of birth if known (don't have to know both), and that one loves the other using their names (e.g. John loves Jane and visa versa).  Lay the photos side by side face up and sprinkle the sugar over them while repeating the following:

  • Spirits of love, I offer this sugar to sweeten this couple.

Next, take the rose petals and sprinkle a few over both photos while repeating the following:

  • Spirits of love, I offer these petals that they may infuse each heart with love.

Here comes the tricky part.  Light the candle and start dripping the wax over both photos while repeating the following:

  • (First and last name of each person) Together as one, under moon and sun. (3x)

Quickly, and without spreading to much of the sugar or rose petals, stick the two photos face to face with each other.  After the photos are nice and pressed together I'll leave three options here:

  1. Bury the photos and components (not necessarily the candle though) while saying "Spirits of the Earth, keep these two grounded that they may enjoy each others company in solitude."
  2. Take the photos to a river, ocean or lake and place them in the water while saying "Spirits of the Water, take these two into your cool embrace that they may flow with each others energy forever."
  3. Take the photos and roll them into a half circle to cup the ingredients that spilled out during sprinkling and light the photos on fire (making sure you have a safe place to do this so as not to hurt yourself and to let them burn safely).  Say this while watching them burn "Spirits of Fire and Air, carry with you these intentions that this couple will be able to live out their passion without obstacle."


Tips: With the sugar, sprinkle it lightly.  You don't need to much and the more you use the less likely the photos are to stick to each other.  Same with the rose petals.  There is some debate in my circle as to whether a Red or Pink candle should be used, I personally prefer Red.  The wordings used are not necessarily written in stone, personalize each one if you feel it.  The more you change it to fit your style the more powerful the spell can become.  I just happened to like the phrasing from the original photo spell and just added the names before it for greater affect.  And lastly, this spell will work better if 1) The two people know each other, 2) If they were already together at one point / Still have feelings for each other, 3) If at least one of the people have requested the spell be done.

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