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For a beautiful and inexpensive balm for the body, blend up this magical elixir to promote warmth and comfort. The Red Rose Cream also increases odor and attracts lovers if you are presently alone (and if that is what you desire).
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Petals from 7 red roses
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Sorbolene cream
  • Sweet almond oil

Casting Instructions for 'Red Rose Ritual'

Take the petals from the 7 red roses and place them in your mortar with a small amount of sweet almond oil. Slowly grind the petals with the pestle into a paste, all the while thinking of the energy and beauty of those prefect red roses blooms becoming a part of you. Focus all your loving thoughts, all your sensual feelings, on this process and infuse the potion with your own personal magic.

When you have prepared a paste, take 7 part of sorbolene cream for each part of the mixture and blend until utterly smooth. Store in a colored glass bottle (colored glass shields the delicate properties and scent of the mixture from sunlight, which will rob the potion of its strength.) After bathing each night, stand naked before your mirror and slowly smooth this potion on to your body.

Repeat the following chant 7 times: "I love and honor the beauty and workings of my Goddess- given form. I thank the Universe for its health and the pleasure it brings to me and to my lovers". Enjoy the sensual feelings provoked by rubbing your body with this nourishing lotion, and breathe in the delicious and delicate aroma.

This is very powerful work with wonderful results. For optimum effect, repeat seven times for seven weeks, starting on a Friday night (for Aphrodite, the Goddess aspect of love and beauty).

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