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so technically, if you arent familiar with lucid dreaming, its a state of mind where you can control what you do in your dream. this spell helps even more with that and even gives you the ability to become an animal that you want while you dream.

Casting Instructions for 'lucid dream animal spell ~'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • quiet ig?
  • alone
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • quiet ig?
  • alone

where to start.... where to start...

ok, ok

bare with me-- hey dont click away be patient.

i shall come to thee with a wish
the ability to lucid dream
make my will mine

ok, now just think abt the animal(s) you would like to become

now stay within the quietness for about 30 seconds.
and please do understand that stuff like this does take time and practice-- mental practice--

now lemme just get one thing straight, if you really want massive results feel free to buy lucid dream pills, i mean, tbh im an amateur and i just started making spells, so dont yell at me if your lucid dream doesnt come the night you do it. 

okiii bye~


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Unless you can already lucid dream, this will not work. If you can lucid dream, this would set your intention before bed and increase the chances of having a specific type of dream. However, it will not guarantee it will happen.

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