Golden Wishing Ring

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I got this spell from a book. It is not mine. It will grant you ANY wish you desire.

Casting Instructions for 'Golden Wishing Ring'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 simple gold ring (no designs or stone)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 simple gold ring (no designs or stone)

Put on the ring. Then say: "Ring of gold, ring of old, do my bidding as your told." Then wish away.


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What book did you get this from

Feb 03, 2019
Does the spell work?

Cool spell but i have no gold ring

Mar 27, 2020
try changing the incantation to work with the type of ring you have e.g changing gold to whatever metal your ring is made from Its really the intention that matters in witchcraft and the incantation is just used to get the intent across

Apr 25, 2022
buy it

Within reason I feel this could work, just charge and enchant it, if you just grab any ring and expect it to work it most likely won't since you need to cleanse away everyone else's energy and put energy into it for its desired task as you would any tool or charm.

Jul 24, 2019
How do you charge and enchant it?

Aug 12, 2019
If you know how to charge energy, you would have the energy move into your hands and while holding the ring let the energy pool in the ring. This could also work to enchant it, but saying the chant once you've put enough energy into the ring [the right amount is up to you, you'll feel when at right] you can say this chant, or a similar chant to basically state ''the purpose of this ring is for wishes'' or you could leave it on your altar for your deities to bless/enchant it, or leave it in the moonlight. Use whatever method feels right to you.

Oct 14, 2019
Thx so much I will go and try it out ^^)

Oct 13, 2021
Hey can you answer my questions at the very bottom of the page? I know it’s a lot of questions but just mail me later if you can’t reply or if you don’t have time/busy.

Oct 14, 2021
I've got a sudden influx of people demanding I answer their questions [my messages are exploding] plus, I've been busy offline too. Let me see your questions [in future, you can either mail me or respond to all your questions to my comment directly to make things easier. Especially if you wanted my answer] Also, please note, I'm not mad, just explaining why you may have waited for an answer.

Have you tried this? Did it work?

For those asking the same question of 'Will it work?' Remember...Visualization, charging, and intent are all things you develop over a period of focused study. It's the magic in you, not the tools, that makes the witch, a witch.

Mar 17, 2020

Would it work with silver

Just curious sence I don't have gold

Jul 19, 2019
you're enchanting the ring, so it would be fine. [unless there's some major magickal difference between the metals, but i doubt it, it's just the object you're using to ''activate'' the spell]


can i wish multiple things, or do the spell a bunch of times?

Aug 12, 2019
I would do one at a time so the energy doesn't get ''muddy'' so to speak. [it would be like tying to read while jumping rope and listening to a podcast. You could do all three, but it would be better if you focus on one at a time]

How long do you have to wear the ring for. Can you take the ring off, once the single wish has been made?

This is out of question how do you add favorites to your list?

Dec 31, 2019
There should be a little thing that says mark this spell as favorite, click on that.

Does this work with a gold neckace?

Can I do it with a glass marble instead of a ring? And set a specific amount of wishes it grants? I want to make one for my friend that only has three wishes on it so I can bribe her and I have a ton of blue and green glass marbles but not much jewelry other than my extensive earring collection (none of which I intend to give away) and certainly no jewelry made of real gold. (I'm broke af)

Mar 30, 2020
To be clear I'm bribing her to give me candy and hugs nothing mean (She likes to bite me when I hug her but I know she secretly enjoys cuddles, she just doesn't want to admit it)

Mar 30, 2020
In theory, yes. You would need to edit the chant since it calls on the golden ring, but you can enchant anything for anything. Hold the marbles and charge it with energy while focusing on your desired outcome, then say the chant. To activate the marbles, I would hold them in my hand and say the chant.

Mar 30, 2020
Do you think the chant ''Marble of glass, top of your class, my bidding you shall bring to pass'' would work? Would I have to work the three wishes part into the chant or could I tell it directly?

Mar 30, 2020
Try it and see. I like the chant, it's simple and to the point. If you want it to grant wishes, I would hold the marble in your hand, say the chant while charging energy, then add to the chant with what you wish is while visualizing it [example: ''Marble of glass, top of your class. Grant my wish to gain a hundred dollars. My bidding you shall bring to pass.'' Then feel the marble growing warmer in your hand as you imagine ways you can gain a hundred dollars. Once you're finished, carry the marble with you, preferably near your wallet as it is tied to money.]

You need a whole lot of concentration, focus, and energy todo this.

Jan 15, 2021
*to do this.

Feb 03, 2021
So does it work

Hi I have a set of questions and if someone can respond right away that would be amazing -Do I have to use an actual gold ring or could it just be a ring colored like gold -How many wishes can it grant -What do I say in order to have a wish granted -If I don't have any gold ring can I use any simple ring that's made of some other metal Thank you and have a nice day

Feb 05, 2021
Metals have certain magickal properties [similar to crystals] but colours also have magickal properties. I would go for a good quality ring, but not necessarily high-quality gold for cost. Wish spells aren't all-powerful, limitless things. Wish spells are usually short term goals or spells you can't find a specific one for. This is rather simplistic in nature, so I would say the chant before making a wish. In that case, it would be limitless on the wish department [but they need to be realistic, and you'll still have to work for them. Even the law of attraction requires some effort on your part] As for using a different metal ring, check the magickal properties of the ring and if you feel it applies. Personally, all my jewelry is sterling silver because I have nickel allergies, and whenever I've enchanted jewelry, it's never not worked because the item was silver.

Hey I have some questions. Does it have to be a simple gold ring with no designs on it or can it be a stainless steel gold plated ring with a design on it. How do you cleanse the ring and enchant it? I’ve never done anything like this before except for a couple conjuration spells so any information and advice would be helpful. Would it work with any ring or does it have to be a specific one. I don’t know how to meditate either also I don’t have a altar either but I’m planning on buying one after I buy my own house. What are the effects of the moonlight shining on it? Does it have to be in a container filled with water while it’s shining or does it have to be in the open outside. I am sorry if these are a lot of questions I’m just trying to learn cause I’m new to this sort of.

Oct 11, 2021
Will it grant me unlimited wishes too.

Oct 13, 2021
How do I purify it before enchanting it?

Oct 14, 2021
I don't think the design matters, the material matters more. You can place the ing in blessed water [take water and charge it with energy, visualizing your intended goal to cleanse] or use some cleansing smoke, or ring a bell by it [I've also noticed snapping your fingers to work] or anoint it with blessing oil. Hold the ring in your hand, charge it with energy while imagining all the good fortune it will bring when you wear it. When you are ready, put the ring on and say the chant [I would chant until you fall into a rhythm and enter this state of energized calm if that makes sense] When you wish to make a spell, I would start chanting while visualizing your desired goal. This spell seems simple enough any type of ring should work [but it says ''gold'' so you'd have to change the chant] Meditation isn't just sitting cross-legged for hours with no thoughts. It's being mindful, present, and letting thoughts flow past. Go for a nature walk without music, wash the dishes and focus on the sensation, sit outside with a cup of tea/coffee and just soak in the world. That's meditation. [you can also try guided meditation apps and youtube videos] You don't need a permanent altar. It's just a table you do magick on [for years, mine was a coffee table. Even now when I need more space I use my coffee table] Moonlight on the altar or moonlight on the ring? I feel moonlight on the ring would benefit it. Moonlight is associated with the divine feminine as well as divination [and a ton of other things] it can bless and purify your space, so moonlight would be a wonderful addition to the spell's energy. The moon's energy will always be present [even on cloudy nights] while direct moonlight is best, you can get the same effect by placing the item on the windowsill in indirect light. Also, placing water in the moon creates moon water [it absorbs the moon's energy and can be used in spells] In theory, you will have unlimited wishes, but be aware magick has limitations, and the number of wishes depends on the energy you put into the ring. [wearing it all the time should have it absorb your energy to a fair amount, but making a wish a day or something will drain it quickly. See your above question on cleansing. There are tons of methods, be aware of what could damage the ring, rule that out, then go with what's best for you.

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