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Thanks for visiting my page, first and foremost. Divination is a specialty of mine. It's either hit or miss, but the miss usually unfolds later, or is related to someone attached to the other at the time. I do not pimp out my gifts, however. I confidently proclaim that I worked hard to earn a strong focus. Family is important to me. We have a deep history steeped with Paganism and assimilation tracing back to our tribe. When I can, I fashion talismans, so you know, message me if you want some advice. My main purpose in life is to aim to leave an impact on the communities I encounter-all good of course. Please humble me by sharing your own theories or spells. I've never had any mystic friends before. ***** I take students. If interested, please send a message with your interests, intended spheres of knowledge you'd like to ***** If you've read this far, shoot me a message. Let the subject be 'Shu6. I'd enjoy it if we become acquainted.