Becoming a Fairy

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Works to change you into a fairy.

Casting Instructions for 'Becoming a Fairy'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 4 People
  • Pinecones Each
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 4 People
  • Pinecones Each

First all 4 of the people sit in a circle and hold a pinecone in the middle of eachother touching. Next you must chant the following:

"Gods of the fairies
I wish to become one of you
I will never harm any of your kind
I want my wings to be
And I want my powers to be
So mote it be".

Chant that 3 times together. When you have done that throw the pinecones in the air... This can be in the day, at anytime but remember to be alone somewhere. The side effects are two spots where the wings will grow, headache, nausea (where you feel like your going to be sick but you wont). 


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You can not change into a fairy.

Only a faerie can make u into a faetie

Oct 08, 2021
That's not true. Faeries are nature spirits. Physically, you can't become a faerie [creatures like changelings are another matter] astrally, you can transform to look like a faerie, but being an actual faerie no. Unless your spirit is a faerie, you won't become a faerie on other planes of existence either. Faeries have far more power than humans, but they don't have any interest in making humans faeries [most faeries hate humans and actively avoid them] so while they might be able to do it, it wouldn't be physical because, again, the physical realm has different laws than the faerie realm. So if they somehow manage to transform you into a faerie, they would send you to a different plane of existence and I can guarantee you would be trapped there.

You probably changed you’re spirit nature into a fairy if anything, you need an actual fairy to change yourself into an actual one, you might wanna look into a summoning for fairies just be careful because the have a lot of rules that they go by.

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