Cryokinetic Blast (Ice-Blast)

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An Ice-Blast to shoot your enemies.

Casting Instructions for 'Cryokinetic Blast (Ice-Blast)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Wind
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Wind

Cryokinetic Blast

*WARNING!!!* This is a 15&up tech! I may not be 15 or up, but I still am experienced enough to do this tech. *WARNING* Effects include:

Frost Bite

Frozen Cold

Make you Frozen

Freeze You


So use this tech only at a last resort!



What you're about to read was made up by me and tested by me. It is a very dangerous technique, and only those who are good at psionic may only be able to use it... Continue, only if this is a last resort. Cryoblast First you have to be able to do hydrokinesis & aerokinesis to do this technique. If you know how to do both hydrokinesis & aerokinesis, then continue on.

Step 1:

Form your hands like how you are making a psi ball. Then instead of a psi ball make a ball of water. (Kind of like your making a psi ball except fill that psi ball with water.)

Step 2:

Now, fill that water psi ball with wind. Imagine that water psi ball becoming a ice psi ball.

Step 3:

Shoot the ice psi ball like how you would shoot a blast. Imagine the blast shooting out of your hands then flying across the air, then imagine the blast hitting the enemy.


Once you feel cold, then CONGRATS you made a Cryoblast!


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Well I have no experience in any of this but I did it it I guess I got lucky to just drop the temp by a few degrees so yay

Feb 26, 2022
may i ask how many degrees is that? are you sure it is not because external things?

i don't think water and wind could make ice, thermal or temperature vibration is different thing, beside this is not working that way, sorry this is just fantasy spell

You cannot shoot ice from your hands with Real Magik. You cannot shoot energy at a person and knock them back. You cannot summon wind to blast someone across the room. You might be able to ground your energy and feel colder. You can work with snow and ice in your Magik as you would water. You can cast freezer spells to freeze bad habits. This specific shoot ice blasts is nonsense.

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