Haunting Curse

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This necromantic spell will haunt anyone who has done you wrong until you reverse the spell or they break it them selves.

Casting Instructions for 'Haunting Curse'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
''Entities far and near,
I need you to hear what I say
As you must do so,haunt[person's name]
As he/she has[say whatever they did to you]''

To Reverse Say:
''Your work here is done
I had so much fun
But its time to return
And slow things down a bit.''


Added to on Apr 29, 2013
Last edited on Nov 24, 2019
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I have already casted this upon my enemy, let's see what happens to him.

Jan 08, 2020
Did it work?

Mar 15, 2020
any updates please ?

May 04, 2020
did anything happen?

May 02, 2022
Sorry for delay, I don't browse here often since I keep practicing the LHP. No, it didn't work as far as this is concerned.

I just did it. I'm hoping it works!

Ive casted this spell multiple times, it works

Sep 13, 2020
Hello, How long does it take?

I just cast this. I'd love to see what happens. In fact I even repeated it a second time to increase power and effect.

I am not a necromancer, but the spell appears incomplete. Unless you are in contact with a spirit, you will need to do more than simply read these words for a haunting to occur.

I've cast this upon my ex... Let's see what happens to her & her best friend. I'll make updates.

I want to test it out and I have convinced my friend for testing...But I have a question that if we say somthing that's not true, will it backfire?

Jun 07, 2021
You can try it although all spells can backfire

It works. ❤️

Iv already cast a spell to an enemy that I hate

Sep 03, 2022
did it work

Cast it on my ex so let's see happens

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