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An effective candle spell for wealth and prosperity utilizes two black candles since black draws in all color and energy in the universe.

Casting Instructions for 'Candle Money Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle

Etch your name and the words "money", "wealth", "riches" and any other words of power along the sides of the candles. Then light the candles and grasp them firmly in your hands until you feel your pulse throbbing beneath your

 Fingers, a sign that your aura is mingling with the candles? Auras and that your intentions are firmly grounded in the candles.

Project for what you want, saying,


"These candles bring me wealth and riches."




"In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects!"



When finished extinguish the flame with a spoon, candle snuffer, or your fingers (not your breath, which will change the spell).

Begin this spell on Sunday, Thursday, or Friday as these days honor the sun, Jupiter, and Venus respectively.

Re-light the candles every night until the are completely burned down. Daily repetition will increase the spell? Effectiveness and your own prosperity consciousness.


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I have a question, Can it be a scented candle thats light green?

Nov 26, 2021
Yes. A light green scented candle can work well in prosperity spells.

Does the candle have to be green? I only have white right now..

May 30, 2022
Both work. The colour green is associated with wealth, while white can be substituted for any colour. If you want to incorporate the colour green into the spell, you can place the white candle on a green cloth/paper/dish and state the intention for the green item is to bring wealth and prosperity.

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