Mind's Desire

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Makes you a fake memory to cover your guilt.

Casting Instructions for 'Mind's Desire'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A jar filled up halfway with water
  • The jar's lid
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A jar filled up halfway with water
  • The jar's lid

First say "I want to discard a memory, to have a fake, so I shall never again be devoured by guilt, so mote it be". Second touch your forehead then put you finger that you touched your forehead into the water. Then third quickly close the jar. Fourth think of a fake memory and you are done.


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Can fake memory give a person experience or mastery of a skill ?

Mar 12, 2023
No. You cannot fabricate information like that. A fake memory does not create such data. Rather, it is based more in self-doubt because we forget so much, rather than remembering so much. Memories are reduced to mere tropes, at least for the vast, vast majority of people.

As written, I doubt this spell actually works. Memories are repressed due to traumatic experience, whether long-term or sudden trauma, and not through conscious effort. However, pursuing the repression of unwanted memories is psychologically dangerous. It is seeking a state of cognitive dissonance, of dissociation, and avoidant behaviors. Denying the past is no way to process the shame of an embarrassing moment, nor is it healthy. In fact, it is repressed memories through traumatic experiences and stress states which leads to issues down the road such as depression and anxiety in many cases. Such unresolved issues from an early age are why some psychologists frame people's mental states as their inner child being the one making the decisions, because they have never moved beyond their traumatic experiences, never learned to deal with shame, never learned how to be an emotional adult. Spells like this are one of the examples of why some systems and traditions warn of misguided practices leading to (the very broad term of) insanity. So tread carefully and think things through. Avoidance is not your answer.

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