A Mermaid Spell:BeccaSullen.

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this spell turns you into a mermaid. now this spell doesn't work well for some people. but good luck. Bless it be.

Casting Instructions for 'A Mermaid Spell:BeccaSullen.'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing.
First thig you do is you say this chant two times when its night and in 1 night you'll be a mermaid.

''Mermaids of the deep blue ocean waters fish in the sea make me what I wish to be I wish to be a mermaid with an orange tail and the power to heat water. Rain shall not affect me but one drop of any other water will. I will get ym tail nad power in 1 night. But if I see the full moon, I shall go to the where water is and I shall be a mermaid all night. So Mote It Be.''

Say that two times when its night and in 1 night you'll be a mermaid.

Side effects are:

Belly hurts, thirsty, and that's mainly it.

Good Luck.


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This will not work for anybody, you cannot become a physical mermaid.

Jul 04, 2021
@Tadashi all it takes to make this work is belief that it's possible , if not you'll be a non - believer and a human forever!!

Jul 04, 2021
No, it does not take belief alone. Have you done a shred of research into Real Magik or have you merely watched cartoons with magic users in them and concluded what the show portrayed was real? Real Magik is nothing like movie magic. Real Magik is a natural energy, ruled by nature, that brings natural change only. No amount of belief will ever change that fact. I have felt the flow of magik, I have cast many spells successfully. I understand Real Magik. You do not. Mermaids are astral spirits. You work with them as you would a deity. You can not and will not physically transform into one no matter how much you believe otherwise. Try all the mermaid transformation spells you want, I guarantee nothing will come from them. If you want to stop complaining to those far more advanced than you in witchcraft and instead learn from them, I can provide you with resources. Otherwise, I heard your whining that those of us teaching newbies are ''mean'' the first time. You can stop.

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