Make a Doll Come to Life

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This is a spell to make a doll haunted.

Casting Instructions for 'Make a Doll Come to Life'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Doll
  • Peace offering
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Doll
  • Peace offering

Make a pentacle on the ground and place the doll within it. Then chant:

"God and goddesses across the land. Witches one and all come and hear my plea. Bring life into this doll at the stroke of midnight, so mote it be" 

Then leave the doll laying there and lay the peace offerings there. By the next morning the doll will be alive.


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what peace offerings can I give?

Apr 22, 2019
You cannot make a doll come to life.

Apr 23, 2019
@NordStar You can make a doll come to life. Never seen vids of possessed dolls moving? You can open a portal and a demon can enter a doll or latch himself onto a doll. Well now I am thinking of bringing a chucky doll or different doll to life. Hey Becca, what offerings can you give and what size of doll and pentacle can you place on the ground?

Apr 23, 2019 mean ''god and goddesses'' or god(s) and goddesses''?

Apr 24, 2019
Just because there are video of something doesn't mean it's possible, Dark. It's fairly easy to fake things on video.

May 21, 2019
BeccaSullen has only posted fake spells to the site [is responsible for the majority of the vampire section, thanks Becca >:( ] and has left the site, so you can't ask for her input or mail her because she's no longer here.

well It appears to be work of satanism not paganism, so if yall are pagans and don't believe in bringing dolls to life, and don't believe it's possible to work or be real, then this kind of thing do go into category of any paganism not even nordic paganism. But I got a really good question. If you believe dolls can not get possessed then does that mean you believe human bodies fairly can not get possessed by demon spirits either???

May 21, 2019
I meant to type that this kind of thing do not go into category of paganism nor in pagan's belief system, there are many types of witches and warlocks and not all believe in same kind of work, not all witches believe spells like this will work, maybe because it's not your thing and not to believe in. so everybody has different beliefs, opinions, ways of doing witchcraft and spells.

May 21, 2019
1. Paganism is an umbrella term for anything that isn't Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, so Satanism is a part of Paganism. 2. Just because someone's a Satanist doesn't mean they're evil, have more powerful/dangerous magick or can do things other witches can't, it means the follow the path founded by Anton LaVey [and even then you have atheist Satanists who don't believe in higher beings or magick] 3. Nobody who follows a Pagan path calls themselves a warlock, warlock is an insulting term so so one uses it [male witches are witches, its gender neutral] 4. while a doll can be possessed by a spirit, it won't become ''alive'' as this spell claims, furthermore this spell claims you are asking the God and Goddess to bring it to life, which cannot happen because magick doesn't contradict nature, and you cannot bring objects to life. So if this was to ceil away a spirit, that would be one thing, the doll wouldn't become ''alive'' however, and this spell simply doesn't work because that's not how magick works, regardless of your spiritual path, it's just a fact.

Still gonna try it...then I will see if it worked or if the spell is fake.

Jul 18, 2019
I haven't bought any doll for trying this....still. I will get to it one day. I can't now because I have other busy things to work on.

Jul 18, 2019
Negative people.... I get a sense or thought I am being hated and argued with....I won't hate back(if I am hated), I will not argue because I will try it then see. just be patient and I'll let you know my thoughts. the feelings I get when I read or hear people argue or disagree, tells me that, If I continue speaking and replying about a subject the person may block me or probably ban me from the site or something else entirely different that is negative. so I guess I stop here. I won't continue for awhile.

You cannot bring a doll to life.

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